Monthly archives: May 2024


We have loved learning about rainforests this half term. We have looked at the climate and location, layers, animals and their importance and the threats they are facing. We have written some fantastic persuasive letter to Mr Sunak to convince him that he needs to act to stop deforestation.  We have also created our own rainforests in shoeboxes. They are all fabulous!



Outdoor Science

Mr Dean set us the challenge of taking our Science ‘Electricity’ outdoors. So, Class Three rose to this challenge!

We used light meters to investigate where would be the best place to put solar panels. We really enjoyed discussing renewable energy and how we can reduce our electricity use. We then combined our results to find an average reading and discussed the lightest places.


Amazing Amazon Art!

As part of our rainforest topic, we have been looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. We started the topic with a fantastic art session with Bob Sutcliffe, looking at the leaves in the paintings. We then moved on to look at colour mixing using watercolours and pastels. Next, we looked at the animals found in rainforests and drew some of these in our sketchbooks. Finally, we combined all our skills and produced our own rainforest picture. Fabulous work all round!


Our New Mobile Kitchen arrives!

Thanks to all twelve children who took part in the ‘Swimathon’ at Kendal Leisure Centre earlier this year, we have a new mobile cooking station that has just arrived in school.  As part of our Celebration Assembly on Friday morning, the children were given the honour of unwrapping our special delivery.

The group raised over £1500 collectively to purchase this fantastic resource for curriculum food technology, but it will first be put to good use by the twelve swimmers to make cakes and cookies for our summer fair later this term.

Art in Class 2

Class 2 have been exploring the work of Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.   We have used a range of different types of media to create ‘bonkers’ portraits, with eyes, noses, ears and mouths in lots of unusual places, sometimes combining different viewpoints on one image.    We were also really inspired by the irregular shapes and the strong use of bold colours in the work of these artists to make our striking pictures.

With Bob Sutcliffe taking our ideas even further,  we also made some 3D collage creations to make the features of our faces really stand out.  We have used cardboard, pencils, wax pastels and paint!

Year 6 Light Up Science!

This week in Year 6, our budding scientists embarked on an electrifying experiment to investigate the relationship between bulbs and brightness in a circuit!

The challenge? To see how the number of bulbs in a circuit affects the overall brightness. Equipped with batteries, wires, and an assortment of circuit components, the students were eager to put their scientific thinking caps on.

Diligently following a scientific method, they meticulously constructed circuits with varying numbers of bulbs. With each creation, they carefully observed the level of brightness produced.

The results were illuminating (pun intended)! The students discovered that as the number of bulbs in the circuit increased, the overall brightness decreased. This is because the same amount of electrical energy is being shared amongst more bulbs, resulting in a dimmer glow for each.

But our young scientists weren’t done yet! They took their exploration a step further by creating a table to record their observations and drawing clear diagrams of their circuits. This meticulous documentation will be crucial when they come to write their scientific reports, explaining their findings and the scientific concepts behind them.

Super sketchbooks

Class Three have started to look at the work of Henri Rousseau, in particular the painting ‘The Tiger’. We were experimenting with water colour paints and creating painting of leaves today. I think you will agree they are fantastic. I can’t wait to see the rest of their work this term!

Patterdale Hall Residential!

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Patterdale Hall assembly last week. The children have been buzzing about it ever since and the experience has gone a long way to helping us in our Geography, English and more!

There is nothing more I can say here, other than a massive thank you to all the staff at Patterdale Hall for looking after us, and the Levens staff who helped make the trip so special. Without further ado, here are the photos! (No Mrs H. video here unforunately!)

United Utilities Water Workshop

Recently, the whole school were treated to a visit from United Utilities who spent the day teaching us all about water. Where it comes from, where it goes, what we can do with it and, once all is said and done, where it ends up when we flush it down the drain!

We first learned about the water cycle – how heat from the sun evaporates water from the oceans, before this is deposited over land as precipitation (rain, snow or anything in between!) This water then makes its way through streams and rivers into reservoirs which store the water. From here, the water is processed and cleaned before being sent through pipes to our homes!

When we have used water (for washing up, having a bath or even going to the toilet!), it ends up in other pipes leading to a waste water treatment center. Here, the water is cleaned before being returned to a river or the sea to continue it’s journey through the cycle!

Not everything can be dealt with by the waste water treatment center though. We also learned how some items don’t break up when they are flushed down the toilet and can cause chaos in our sewers. Fat turns into icky fatbergs and wet-wipes don’t break down at all, blocking things up for everyone. Even the flushable ones – we learned about a test you can do at home to check!

Finally, we all learned about the importance of saving water. We studied many of the simple things we can do to save water and made a water saving promise to try and keep at home! All students have also received a small “shower timer” which ca be used to challenge us all to shower in four minutes or less to save water!

Mud Kitchen!

Class 2 are delighted to have been donated this wonderful mud kitchen!

They have enjoyed spending time playing and creating leaf soup and washing up with many more great learning opportunities to come!

A huge thank you to everyone that was involved in creating this fantastic mud kitchen for our outdoor area!

If you have any spare herb plants at home that you would be willing to donate so the children can use them when they are in their outdoor learning area please get in touch.