Monthly archives: October 2023

Opening Ceremony – Part One

Last week, we enjoyed the opportunity to welcome some important visitors to tour our new school environment and officially open the extension to school which includes: new gender-neutral toilet facilities; an amazing new classroom space for our year 5+6 pupils; cloakroom spaces; a meeting room and children’s entrance.

Our visitors included Cllr Sue Sanderson who had been instrumental in supporting our bid for the extension at the very start of this project.

Every child in school spent the morning involved in a design and build challenge, led by Fran Ward, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, to create a school of the future using Duplo or Lego.  Our creations were inspired by our amazing new building.

Follow the link to see an article about the new extension in The Westmorland Gazette:


Healthy Wraps!

Today we have been making our own healthy wraps that included a source of protein, carbohydrate, dairy product and vegetable!

Class Three visit Vindolanda

The sun was shining once again as Class Three set off to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. The children had an amazing time exploring the remains of the fort and town at Vindolanda, walking in the steps of the Romans. Our geography map reading skills were put to good use as we went on a hunt to work out the missing words, whilst also learning about the buildings and their use. We learnt all about the work of the archaeologists with our very own expert! We then looked at all the discoveries in the Vindolanda museum and thought carefully about what each discovery told us about the Romans. We then moved onto the Roman Army Museum and learnt about the different types of soldiers and life on Hadrian’s Wall. We finished the day by looking at the location of the Magna Fort and discussing the future archaeological dig on this site. A wonderful time was had by all and we will be using our new found knowledge to good use in the classroom.


Busy Builders!

Over the past few weeks in class 2 we have had different challenges and chance to explore our construction area. We have had a wide range of things being built from multi story car parks to Levens Hall and its gardens! Here are some pictures of our creations.

Marvellous Maths in Class 2 !

During the past few weeks we have been learning all about place value in Math’s!  This has included finding one more and one less, comparing numbers and understanding the concept of how many tens and ones numbers have and partitioning them in different ways. Here are some pictures of us doing some of the activities!

Class 2 PE!

Over the past few weeks class 2 have been practicing the fundamental skills which include balancing, skipping, hopping, jumping and different rolls.

Making Sequences in Reception

In Class 1, we have been learning about sequences in our maths this week.

We have been able to identify different sequences modelled by the adults in Bowfell using a range of different materials.  We can describe the rule for these sequences; continue the patterns; spot mistakes and correct them by adding or removing pieces.

Today we used materials from our loose parts area to create and describe our own sequences, but can you describe our rules?

Class 2 Visit Levens Hall

Class 2 enjoyed an amazing trip to Levens Hall recently.  Thankfully, the weather was kind so we were able to start our day with an invigorating walk down to the hall through the fields.

On arrival we were greeted by our tour guides and taken on an exciting and informative walk around the house. It is an incredibly old but beautiful building just on our doorstep.  We learnt about the history of the Hall and saw many objects that were used by the families that lived there in the past – including chamber pots and bed pans!   We also enjoyed spotting a bird and a mouse hiding in each room that we visited.

The morning ended with some of us having the opportunity to dress up in the kind of outfits once worn by inhabitants of the hall.

After a healthy lunch, we spent the afternoon outdoors in the grounds.  Our activities included a sensory walk, a trip to the maze, sketching of the hall and games of follow my leader.

This has been an exciting start to our local history topic.

Super Science

As part of our topic on light we have been learning all about reflective materials. Class Three tested different materials to see if they reflected or absorbed light. They used this knowledge to design a new running jacket for Mrs Coker to keep her safe. I think you will agree the designs look fantastic! The children were all very enthusiastic and have continued to point out reflective materials as they see them.