Monthly archives: April 2018

Kendal Ski Competition

Well done to the FAB-FOUR who competed in this year’s Kendal Schools’ Ski Competition.  They were up against very competent skiers including children who ski for England!  They won many of their races, but just not quite enough to get us through to the finals.  They are already in training for next year’s competition.   Huge thanks to Steve (Lucie’s dad) for organising the event and our team.  Well done everyone!

Year 2 visit to Greengate Meadows

On Tuesday 24th April Year 1 & 2 had a visit from Build a Bear, Michelle and Jamie from Story Homes. The children were shown a video and asked all about the dangers on a building site. They then dressed in high visibility jackets and hard hats – child size of course! They asked lots of questions and showed their really good knowledge of hazards.

Year 2 were then lucky enough to visit the building site to see and hear all the activities on site needed to build a new house.

Do you know how many bricks are used to build a house? Around 12,000! We learned a lot of interesting facts. We were cheeky and went inside the show home to look at all the sparkly worktops and new furniture, after we had taken our shoes off of course!

Noun Phrases in Year 2

This week year 2 have been learning about noun phrases.  Our task involved choosing a suitable adjective to describe our objects.  Then, we had to change places to find a different adjective appropriate for a different object and so on.  The next challenge was to write our own expanded noun phrases containing three adjectives and using commas accurately.  Super work from a keen group of super stars!!

Levens Loves to Read!

Today, reading club was launched by Mrs Farraday; with the help of Miss Dawson and Scafell children. Children from all year groups were invited to read, either independently or with a friend or adult. So many children showed up! The children enjoyed their reading and were even able count this as one of their five weekly ‘reading for treasure’ reads (to be entered into the prize draw for a book voucher!) Very exciting! Thank you to our Scafell helpers and to the children for being so enthusiastic about their reading. Keep it up!

Ghyll Scrambling Fun

We all had a fantastic fun but freeeeezing time Ghyll Scrambling in Stickle Ghyll in Langdale. Thank you to Andy, Chris and Richard who came with us.

We wore a wet suit, a cagoule, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. IT

We learned how to do a “Roman Hold” where we grip  each other’s wrists for added strength. We helped each other along the way and encouraged our group.

When we were climbing the water fountains, we had to go up the side and hang on to the branches. JA

When we had a shower, we went under a waterfall and felt the water thudding on our helmets. CH

We crossed our arms and but our chin onto them and fell backwards into a deep pool of water. BN

At the end we all jumped in a big pool. It was cold, soaking wet and we were drenched to the skin. We loved it. PBT

Levens Tea Club

The smell of delicious food radiated through school this evening as Year 5 began their summer sessions of preparing menus and scrumptious meals for a range of people lucky enough to be on the guest list.  Tonight year 5 attended the team briefing before cooking for themselves.  Here they are in their ‘chef-whites’ looking eager, busy and ofcourse hungry!!

Easter Service at St. John’s

What a wonderful Easter Service we had at St. John’s Church this week celebrating new life.  We walked down to church in the spring sunshine noticing all the signs of spring as we walked.  Our service included contributions of poems, prayers, art work and songs from the children.  Canon Thompson talked to us all about the importance of hope and peace and presented every child in school with a Bible given to us by Bibles for Children. Thank you to Canon Tom Thompson for leading our service and to everyone who came along to join us.

Thank you School Council

Huge thank you to our School Council who have organised lots of wonderful new playground equipment for us all to enjoy; bought with funds raised at school discos.  We had such fun in the sunshine this week sharing, playing with friends, learning new skills and laughing lots.

Before we were all allowed to use them; School Council presented an assembly all about how we should look after the equipment and play with it properly so it doesn’t get damaged or lost.

We look forward to enjoying all our playtimes and lunchtimes.  Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising events so that we could buy the equipment!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Six people played a hockey competition and we beat three schools and drew one. Here are the scores:

St Mary 2 vs Levens – we won 3-0.

Levens vs Dean Barwick – we won 6-0.

St Mary 1 vs Levens – it was a draw 2-2.

Levens vs Beetham – we won 6-1.

It was time for the presentation in 3rd place was St Mary 2, in second place was St Mary 1

and finally in 1st place was Levens.


Thank you Mrs Craggs and parents who transported us.

by Charlie and Oscar