Monthly archives: April 2018

Y2 Nouns Treasure Hunt

Year 2 enjoyed exploring Bowfell’s outdoor area this week looking for nouns!  We teamed up together in pairs to find as many different examples of nouns as possible.  We also searched for hidden sentences and identified the noun in each sentence.  This was particularly tricky because some sentences had more than one noun!  The nouns could be sorted into two groups: proper nouns and common nouns.  If you don’t know the difference, just ask anyone in Year 2; they are experts!  Next week, we will be going on to learn about ‘noun phrases’.

Learning in the sun

What beautiful weather we have had today! Scafell class decided to make the best of the sun, whilst still learning and working hard. This morning, we took Maths outdoors and practised the four operations in the form of a ball game (+,-,x and /) and this afternoon we continued our Science topic outside, based on how animals adapt to their environment. Let’s hope the sun decides to stay!