Ghyll Scrambling Fun

We all had a fantastic fun but freeeeezing time Ghyll Scrambling in Stickle Ghyll in Langdale. Thank you to Andy, Chris and Richard who came with us.

We wore a wet suit, a cagoule, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. IT

We learned how to do a “Roman Hold” where we grip  each other’s wrists for added strength. We helped each other along the way and encouraged our group.

When we were climbing the water fountains, we had to go up the side and hang on to the branches. JA

When we had a shower, we went under a waterfall and felt the water thudding on our helmets. CH

We crossed our arms and but our chin onto them and fell backwards into a deep pool of water. BN

At the end we all jumped in a big pool. It was cold, soaking wet and we were drenched to the skin. We loved it. PBT