Monthly archives: September 2022

Challenge Climb!

Class 3 have enjoyed the most amazing experience at Kendal Climbing Wall today, despite mixed feelings of nerves and excitement this morning!  Bouldering, Clip and Climb, Crazy Climb and SkyDive tested our resilience and determination to new limits but everyone overcame all fears and exceeded their own expectations.

For some, it was an introduction to a new sport whilst for others an opportunity to develop skills further with the support of our three amazing instructors: Ben, Jamie and Greg.

As well as climbing, we learnt how to trust one another; we developed our communication skills; and we encouraged everyone to do their best whilst celebrating our achievement.

Writing Instructions in Years 3 + 4

Have you ever tried to follow the instructions for making a Lego model and faced all kinds of difficulties?

This week, Class 3 have been learning all about how to write clear, detailed and precise instructions so that the reader is able to follow the instructions and have a very successful outcome.  We have been talking though each stage of the process of making a jam sandwich so that the reader doesn’t make any mistakes like: butter both sides of the bread, or put a dollop of jam in the centre of each slice and not spread across the whole surface of the slice.

We have also talked about the key features of good instructions which has included using imperative verbs, adverbs and time or adverbial openers.  The instructions also need to be in chronological order.  Year 4 have extended their work to include modal verbs.  If you have any trouble understanding any of these terms – ask anyone in Class 3!

Here we are making our sandwiches – this is called ‘Talk for Writing’! it is where we rehearse our ideas with our talking partners so that we are ready to put our ideas onto paper.  Look out for our amazing written instructions coming very soon…..!

Super Sailing!

We did say Class 4 had a busy week last week, and the cherry on top was our fabulous sailing day on Lake Windermere! Pairs of students worked together to captain their boats across the lake, as well as completing some tricky challenges. Despite s rather feeble wind, everyone showed great skill and all stayed in their boats! At least, until we said they could jump in!

Massive thanks to the staff at Royal Windermere Yacht Club for a super day on the lake – your support and expertise was greatly appreciated!!

Giving thanks for our Queen

We have been remembering our remarkable Queen in this national period of mourning during our assemblies this week.

What words would you use to describe our Queen?  We found there were many and so wide-ranging, including: fun, happy, kind, considerate, courageous, dutiful, constant, loyal, committed, determined, loving!

As we gave thanks for our Queen through our reflections, memories and prayers  in our assemblies, we have continued these discussions in our classrooms with our own special tributes and prayers.  These were shared by pupils from all over school at our final assembly of the week on Friday.

Hello from Class 2

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Class 2. We have been exploring our new areas of provision both indoors and outside. We have been getting to know each other and settling into new routines. From our pictures, we also seem to have done lots of maths!

Welcome to Class 3

Here we are settling in well and doing our handwriting – look at those lovely smiles!

We are practising our joined handwriting and spotting which letters are formed in similar ways.

A Collaborative Classroom

It has been lovely to welcome Class 4 back to Levens! This term, much of our curriculum has a focus on collaboration and working together. It’s the theme for our SCARF unit of work, the purpose of our PE lessons and even comes up in Computing as we explore how computers connect and work together.

To kick us off, we have completed two teamwork challenges and thought about how well we worked as a team and how what sorts of things make working in a team more effective and more fun.

Settling into life as Reception!

A huge well done to all our new Reception starters who have settled in brilliantly! They have had a wonderful week exploring our newly organised classroom, enjoying lunchtime, parachute games and playtime!

Community Art Project at the County Show

This week, our collaborative art project based on the theme of community was celebrated in our display in the ‘Learning for Life’ tent at the Westmorland County Show’.

Huge thanks to the Michelle Jurd Trust for making this incredible opportunity possible for our all our pupils and to local artist, Sophie Martin, for helping us to develop our skills and experience art in the outdoors on such an exciting project.