Monthly archives: June 2020

Just look at our playground!

We have some lovely new games for you to enjoy in our playground; with a friend or on your own. They include a game of snakes and ladders, mirror-moves, the alphabet dragon, jumping feet and a range of different exercises along our running circuit.


Getting Ready for Nursery

Welcome Back Year 1

Year 1, we are looking forward to seeing you so very much on Monday.  When you come into the classroom you will need to find your new peg with your name on it. Your next job is to go to the toilet to wash your hands for 20 seconds.   When you’ve done that we would like you to find your own special place to sit with your morning task ready for you to start.   Then you will be able to order a delicious packed lunch – will you choose egg, ham, cheese or tuna for your filling?

Mrs Farraday will meet you on the playground and Mrs Mackereth will be waiting for you in Helvellyn Classroom.

See you all soon!

Welcome back Reception

We are so excited to be welcoming back most of our Reception pupils on Wednesday.  Take a look at the photographs above to help you get a feel of the new look in Bowfell Classroom and our outside area.  It does look a bit different and we are going to need to get used to some new routines, but don’t worry Mrs Harwood and Miss Butler will be here to show you the way so that we can have lots of fun in our learning.

When you come into school, please find your new peg in the main corridor to put your bag and your coat.  Your next job is to wash your hands for 20 seconds while you sing Happy Birthday!! Somebody in school is celebrating their birthday this week – Can you find out who it is?  Next you need to come into your classroom to find your name on a little foot or a little hand and then the fun can begin!

We can’t wait to see you very soon!

Delicious School Lunches

We are very pleased to be able to show you the freshly-made packed lunches on offer to all our pupils!  One of your first tasks on arriving at school is to choose from a range of sandwich fillings so that Helen can  make up your lunch order as requested.   These include: ham, cheese, tuna or egg.  Your bag of lunch also includes: some cut up vegetable sticks, a cheese lattice or sausage roll,  a selection of fruit and a tasty cake!   We will also provide you with a cup of water.

Our youngest pupils will be eating their packed lunch in our dining hall, where as year 6 pupils will be enjoying lunch in their classroom.

Welcome back Year 6

We are all very excited to welcome back our year 6 pupils on Tuesday next week.

As you can see, Mr Dean has been very busy ensuring you are able to walk around our classroom safely using a one-way system and sit 2m apart.  Each work station is equipped with a tray of resources for your personal use, including: pens, pencils, a rubber, ruler, pencil crayons and glue stick.  There are also morning tasks in your tray for you to begin as soon as you arrive.

Don’t forget to read the Home School Agreement and bring a signed copy into school on Tuesday morning.  Your arrival time is between 8.45am and 9am – please ensure you arrive within this window and enter school through Scafell’s fire door.

Please remember to wear your school uniform! See you Tuesday everyone!