Monthly archives: March 2017

Red nose day fun !!

Last Friday it was Comic Relief Day, so  our School Council decided that we would dress up in red: some of us even dyed our hair while others painted their nails! We also had a red nose competition where the children designed a red nose. The winner was Dougal with his spider nose! At break we had a delicious cake stall which sold cupcakes and biscuits with a red nose twist. Everyone had a red nose to wear: Erin even got the ultra rare Frankenstein nose!

by Amelia and Holly

Well done and thank you to everyone who dressed up, made and bought cakes and entered our Red nose competition.  We raised a staggering £235 in aid of this incredibly important event.  During out afternoon Good Work Assembly we watched a video all about a boy living in Sierra Leone who had become an orphan after the Ebola Crisis.  Our hardwork will enable children like Hassan to get back to school and achieve their goals in life!  Hassan wants to be a doctor – we hope our money might help him get there!


Soggy Forest Schools

Bowfell Class embraced the rain today, togged up in full waterproofs and wellies. Our task was to make a stick man. His body had to be as long as our forearm and his arms had to be as wide as our handspan.

We searched to find sticks that has ready made legs before attaching arms using string. Afterwards we took our Stick Men on an adventure and showed them the houses we made last week.



Year 5 at Dallam English Day

Earlier this week all the y5 pupils went to Dallam for an English day.The theme we were doing was superheros; it was really fun. We did lots of activities, like dressing  someone up in newspaper to make them look like super heros. We also made plastercine superheros, two people from each group went outside to do a quiz to find superheros and name them. We drew superheros and named them ourselves and we chose their powers too. After that we wrote a story about what our superhero was like before they had superpowers.We carried on with the story and we read them out at the end.

By Grace and Trinity.

Spring is in the Air

We welcomed Darren Wilson into Skiddaw class this afternoon to talk to us about his new allotment and launch our science work for next term – plants! We’ve made the most of the spring weather by sowing a selection of different seeds including broccoli, broad beans, beetroot, sunflowers, marigold and poppies.

We’ve put them on the warm window sill and will keep a close eye on them in the coming days – fingers crossed we see some signs of life!


Toddler Taster Pre School session

This morning our pre-school children joined us for a Forest School session. Although beaten by the torrential downpours they didn’t dampen the mood.

Pebble Pets were our focus for this session. Each child found a Pebble Pet which had escaped in the classroom. They gave them names and shared something about their new friend.

Their task for the session was to create the Pebble Pet a new home, so that it was safe, warm and wouldn’t get lost. They children had a wonderful time using the sticks, twigs, moss, leaves and stones to create some very elaborate homes for their new friends.

Looking at O.S. Maps

For the past two weeks, Scafell class have been looking at OS maps of areas around Levens and comparing them to Edinburgh. Yesterday  we looked at the similarities and differences of the two places e.g. Edinburgh is urban and is a city, whilst Levens is rural and a village. We found out Edinburgh has its own docks, which makes it a costal city. We also found different symbols on the map and what they meant.  We worked together in groups..

By Luna and Alice


Ellery Cross Country – Wednesday 15th March

What a splendid sunny spring day we enjoyed at Elleray this week.

Our Team joined 360 other competitors to ‘take on’ the annual Elleray Challenge, a true test to stamina, determination and grit!

After attending the weekly running club in school, our pupils were most certainly up to the task, all finishing in the top half of their fields and astounding staff and parents with their stoical attitude over a hilly course and a 2K distance.  Everyone performed above expectations without exception and as a result received a super medal and the Elleray famous refreshments of burgers and chocolate.

Well done to all, bring on the new running season 17/18 we say!

Is there a future for our zoos?

Following our visit to Edinburgh Zoo, Scafell Class set out to find out what happens behind the scenes in our zoos.  They researched online, looked at reports by animal welfare organisations and asked their friends and family about their opinions on zoos.  Then the news was released about animal cruelty at a local Cumbrian zoo.  Scafell decided to debate whether they thought all British zoos should close. Oliver and George took it in turns to be Mr Speaker and we started our debate with speeches from both sides of the house.  The debate was passionate and forceful!  To close we conducted a secret ballot with votes in favour of phasing out zoos in the UK by a majority of 18 to 7.  Well done everyone in Scafell – your speaking and listening skills were outstanding!


Since then, we have used all our experiences and research to write a persuasive speech on zoos.  Clearly the children felt very passionate about this subject as their writing is very powerful.

Drawing Old Toys

We’ve been looking carefully at old toys and new toys.. This afternoon we used charcoal, graphite and special drawing pencils to have a go at drawing old toys and adding all the little details. We concentrated lots all afternoon!