Monthly archives: March 2017

Finding half is fun!

The children in Bowfell Class have been exploring lots of different ways to find half.

We’ve halved weight, length, capacity and shape. AND had lots of fun experimenting and exploring!

South Lakes Pupil Parliament

This week we went to a meeting of the South Lakes Pupil Parliament to discuss road safety issues in our communities.

We gave a presentation on the 20’s Plenty Campaign in front of lots of other schools. It was a bit scary but we have learnt not to be shy, to share our ideas and the benefit of being well prepared!  We also met a local representative from the national youth council who was only about fifteen years old and represents young people from Cumbria in Parliament.

Lunch was delicious – we had sticky toffee pudding!

by Alfie, Holly, Oliver and Rosie (Levens School Pupil Parliamentarians)

Fairtrade Fortnight

Eco Team helped Levens CE School support Fairtrade Fortnight by running a stall selling lots of Fairtrade goods today. There was a massive range of products from chocolate and sugar, bracelets and cutlery – something for everyone’s budget! Thank you to everyone for contributing to our success as we raised £140.40.

Fairtrade goods are ones where the farmers and producers are guaranteed to get a fair price for their products. Look out for the Fairtrade symbol on products in the shops.


What a lovely way to end the week!

The chatter coming from Bowfell classroom this afternoon was surprisingly calm and relaxed! This was down to the lovely reading happening, in pairs, with children from Scafell class. They all cosied up in a space, chose a book and enjoyed the simple pleasure of sharing a story. Bliss!

Forest Schools

We had our first visit to the forest this week. We all found our walking legs to get up the big hill, keeping ourselves safe and listening to instructions.

Once we were in the forest we had to listen carefully to lots of new rules. Our boundary had been marked out with red and white tape and we used elephant footsteps to walk, making sure that we didnt trip up.

Our next task was to find a partner and take a hoop. We had to find a spot of the forest floor and look closely inside the hoop to see if we could find anything interesting. To start with there was just leaves but when we moved the leaves away. all sorts of things crawled out!

We had a fantastic time and can’t wait for our next visit!


Dallam Primary Cup Challenge Hockey

Wow! What a fantastic performance at the Dallam Hockey Tournament. Fourteen teams entered and we achieved an impressive 2nd place. Brilliant reverse stick play along with great defence and attack meant we only conceded one goal. Our players were all amazing and had real team spirit of which they should be extremely proud.

Levens School is currently in 1st place for the Challenge Cup. Just one more round left – Kwik Cricket – so let’s get practising.

Well done!

Doubling and Halving

Bowfell children have been busy doubling and halving numbers, tea party food and even themselves. They have been exploring ways of recording their work to show their answers.


Bowfell are having weekly coaching session with Tom from Westmorland FA. They are having a great time learning how to move around the space, with a ball and more importantly having control of where the ball goes.


Another practical science lesson to investigate air resistance. Pupils made spinners with different sized wings to see which would fall the slowest. Scafell class concluded that the spinners with the largest wings fell the slowest because the surface area was larger creating greater air resistance.