Monthly archives: November 2020

Stone Age Cave Painting

Skiddaw class are learning all about the Stone Age in history. We have begun by finding out how we know what types of animals were around in the Stone Age. Lascaux Caves were discovered by some teenagers and possibly their dog in September 1940. Paintings of bulls, oxen, horses and stags are beautifully clear and are thought to be around 15,000 years old. Drawn by Stone Age people, they also show us early humans hunting as well as animals that were around then. We took an amazing virtual tour around the many passages and caves that are now not open to public in order to preserve them.

This has inspired us to create our own cave and rock art. Here we are preparing our rock by scrunching and painting on the paper to make it look more realistic. We are also making paper mache rocks to experiment with drawing smaller creatures on. It was lovely to work outside on a sunny afternoon on Wednesday. Next week we’ll be trying our hand at drawing stone age animals on these papers with chalk pastels and paint.


Numeros en Francais

Today, years 5&6 had their first lesson of the year in French.  We have been practising reading and writing numbers up to 100.  Next, we will be recapping on French greetings, before starting our mini-topic: à l’école. 

Meet out new School Councillors

We are very pleased to be able to announce our new School Councillors for 2020-21 who have already helped lead our day of fun and fundraising for Children in Need.

Further projects this term will involve organising new outdoor play equipment for each of the class bubbles;  tidying up our school grounds; and helping to organise a very special fundraising children’s raffle!!

Homework on Greek Food

Scafell Class have produced some amazing research on Greek food as part of their work on the geography of Greece.


The Festival of Light

Reception have enjoyed learning all about Diwali – the Hindu Festival of Light which took place on Saturday the 14th November. They learnt about how people celebrate Diwali and enjoyed trying on some traditional clothing, creating Rangoli patterns, Mendhi hand patterns and making our own diya lights.

National Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery have enjoyed taking part in National Nursery Rhyme Week this week, they have explored a different rhyme each day and enjoyed taking part in some lovely follow-up activities related to each one. Can you guess which ones we learnt?



Paper crafting

Skiddaw class have been learning 3D paper crafting skills and have had great fun creating these firework inspired pieces.

Children In Need 2020

Children in Need this year has been a little different but rest assured we have had lots of fun and raised an amazing £166.00! All week, classes have been dipping into the BBC Five to Thrive with Joe Wicks learning about the importance of keeping connected to our family and friends, taking notice of our surroundings, keeping active and being curious and the benefits of giving and kindness. Some also tuned in to see Joe Wicks complete his amazing 24 hours of PE in a live lesson on Friday morning.

Not only have we enjoyed coming to school in comfy clothes, we have all had great fun playing Children In Need Bingo! Thank you Mrs Coker for organising such lovely prizes.

Boxes of Hope

Thank you to everyone who has created a beautiful box of gifts that have already started their journey to making one child’s Christmas.  A total of 28 boxes were collected yesterday.  Thank you Levens!

We will Remember Them

On the 11th November we came together in our playground to remember all those who have given their lives so that we can live in peace and enjoy our freedom.

Every pupil in school made a poppy out of recycled materials found at home.  They were brought to our very special outdoor service where members of year 6 read out the names of the fallen from Levens village and recited ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.

At 11am, we marked two minutes of silence to remember and reflect.

Today each child brought their poppy to our entrance hall where they attached it to our beautiful rustic cross, kindly made by one of our very talented parents.