Monthly archives: January 2022

Hunter Hall County Cross Country Final

On the same day that our runners were competing in the Dallam Event, we were incredibly proud and excited that three of our boys from Class 4 had qualified for the county event at Hunter Hall School in Penrith.

Huge thanks indeed to parents who arranged transport and supported and encouraged our talented representatives, the running club adults were really sad not to be there celebrating the event and the atmosphere.

The course was incredibly challenging, much further than we are used to and with obstacles of walls and rivers. We await further news regarding progression, watch this space!

Well done boys!


Dallam Cross Country Competition

On a really cold and and windy afternoon this week, eleven tough and resilient running club athletes braved the elements and hilly course, to compete in the annual cross country event at Dallam along with other local schools.

The support and attitude could not have been bettered, everyone ran so well and tried so hard that staff and parents were just bursting with pride. A huge well done to all, not only to Charlotte, Rona and Grace who came away with medals, but to everyone who excelled themselves and had just the best of times, a day to be remembered by us all!

Liverpool World Museum

This week, Class 4 have had the pleasure of leaving school to spend their day learning in Liverpool World Museum! To support our Ancient Civilisations topic, we visited the museum to check out their fascinating (and often gruesome!) Ancient Egypt exhibit. We even got to “Meet the Mummy” as some lucky students were promoted to trainee priests for the day and taught how to mummify bodies.

Take a look at our image gallery below, but be warned, it’s not for the squeamish!

Barrow Raiders Rock!

Fridays have become a firm favourite with Class 3 and Class 4 because of the sessions of Tag Rugby with Barrow Raiders this term. Having professional players share their expertise with pupils and staff has been brilliant and although we are only 3 sessions in, the skills of moving with the ball, passing and this week ways to evade your opposition.

Every week, everyone is engaged in mini games and challenges to develop each skill, encouraging each other and celebrating successes.

Thank you so much to Mrs Coker, an avid Barrow Raiders season ticket holder, for organising this wonderful experience for us all and to the players for running such fun and engaging sessions.

Do look out in book bags for the special free season tickets that have kindly been donated by Barrow Raiders and handed out on Friday.  This includes entry to all 13 home Championship league games! Do cheer along our coaches including winger Tee Ritson and watch out for Mrs Coker in the stands if you are lucky enough to go along. It really is an amazing atmosphere and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon supporting a local team!

Experience Church

This week, we were treated to another of the “experience” series of events by St. Johns church. We’ve previously enjoyed experience Easter and experience Christmas, this time was “experience Church”.

Arriving at church, we found 6 stations waiting for us – each one representing a part of the church and service that the church provides. These included: the font (welcoming); the pulpit (teaching); the prayer desk (praying); stained glass windows (serving) and the altar (celebrating). At each station, we were encouraged to think about how the church serves all of these different functions. We also took part in a special activity to represent each station.

The sixth and final station was saved until the end. Everyone sat down in front of the great wooden door in the side of the church. Here, we learned that the church shares – part of the job is to share the ideas of Christianity with others. The things that we learn in church are designed to be taken out into the world and shared with others. I wonder if any of our children have shared what they learned with you?

Thanks to everyone from St Johns Church who helped to organise and staff this experience for us – it is greatly appreciated!

Games Night at YoYo

YoYo Club are having so much fun, captured earlier this week absorbed in, and thoroughly enjoying their selection of new games.

What great fun they were having, combined with hot buttered toast, what more could anyone want!

Our School Mural

We have enjoyed the opportunities that we have all had to work with local artist Sophie Martin on our mural over the last few months.     At the very beginning stages every child, including our nursery,  had the opportunity to create a drawing of something in our school grounds, the playing fields and around our village that would contribute to the final painting.   Sophie then integrated our work with her own to create the final piece that has provided such a striking, colourful and eye-catching creation that can be enjoyed everyday in our dining room.  Some of older children can be seen here working on the final painting!

Thank you to the Michelle Jurd Memorial Trust, who generously funding our project, we have all been able to enjoy creating a collaborative piece on the theme of ‘Our Community’ with Sophie.

South Lakes Cross Country Trials

On the most glorious afternoon this week, 6 of our most experienced runners undertook the challenges of the South Lakes local trials on the wonderful grounds of Sedbergh Prep. School at Casterton and nestled amongst the backdrop of the Barbon Fells. Rather that be daunted by the prospect of running a most challenging course of rough patch hills, railway embankments, mud slides and rocky lengthy hills, our squad were empowered and full of satisfaction at a ‘job well done’ when they eventually crossed the finish line.

It was a superb event attended by over 500 children and our children did so well in approach and determination, we are very proud of them all and delighted to report that some squad members managed to qualify for the area final at Penrith in a few weeks.

Clay Tiles

We spent a happy and productive session just before Christmas creating our final clay tiles, inspired by our research into Roman mosaic patterns. Here we are rolling out the tiles and creating our designs based on our sketch book plans. Some indented the clay by pressing different tools into it and others added clay to build up raised parts of the design, remembering to score and use water to make sure they stayed attached once dry!

Here are our finished designs with a few beside the final plans in our sketch books!


Still-life and the work of Paul Cezanne

Years 5+6 have been learning all about the work of Paul Cezanne.

Cezanne was a French painter who is often regarded as the father of modern art influencing many other artists including Picasso.  Many of his most recognisable paintings are still-life studies of a group of everyday objects arranged on a table or cloth: they often contained fruit, plates, water jugs, vases and even human skulls!

Cézanne created more than 900 oil paintings and 400 watercolours during his lifetime.

In Class 4, we have been learning how to represent 3D objects onto a piece of paper by completing studies of apples in our sketch books using only three tones – dark, medium, light – with pencil crayons.

After studying and discussing a range of different still-life compositions created by Cezanne, we created our own arrangements and began our own observational studies in pencil.

Finally, we worked on using colour to to show light and dark in our compositions.  Here are our paintings so far; our finished pieces will be on display in school very soon!