Monthly archives: July 2017

First Aid Training

Today, staff have been busy updating their first aid training. It was a mix of practising bandaging, putting each other in the recovery position and discussing signs and symptoms of many conditions. But we also practised the latest CPR techniques as well as trying out some new technology in the form of the defibrillator.

Measuring Maths

Skiddaw have had great fun today measuring weight using all our balances and different sets of scales. They were challenged to find things in the room that weighed as close to 200g or 500g as they could. There was lots of counting and decision making as they tried to get it as exact as possible.

Visiting Musicians from QES

Today, we welcomed music students from QES into school. They came in a bus, heavily laden with instruments galore. They spent the morning, with Skiddaw Class, composing atmospheric music to describe, first below, Baba Yaga (a wrinkly, boney witch) and, second below, the Firebird (a magical creature) using the whole range of our wonderful percussion instruments and including violin and piano. In the afternoon, the group performed to the whole school excerpts from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. These were brilliantly introduced with points to listen out for in each piece – perhaps a conversation between the trumpet and the flute turning into an argument towards the end, or count how many times the triangle plays a part. It was interesting to see a great range of instruments playing so well together including a double bass (larger than most of our children) guitars, saxophone and three keyboards along with a wide range of percussion. Thank you so much to all the students and their teachers, Mrs Hartley and Mr Leather, for all your hard work in preparing such a fantastic musical extravaganza for us. Pictures at an Exhibition will be our new assembly music in the autumn term so we can really get to know the pieces in more depth. We’d love to welcome you back again next year!


Baking Rattie Shortbreads!

Here we are baking rattie shortbread for our summer production; The Piper of Levens Village tomorrow evening. We have made approximately 160 biscuits; enough for everyone in the audience and the cast. Each one will be personalised with its own iced rat in a variety of colours.

Thanks to Mrs Mason it’s been a lot of fun!

Kacper and Olly


Summer Musical Extravaganza

Our skilled musicians entertained wonderfully us by demonstrating what they have learnt over this term. Thanks must go to our dedicated music teachers, Mrs Rainbow, Mrs Hurley and Mr Duesbury. The standard was amazing, with group pieces, duets and solos.

Tractor Mad!

A big thank you to the Barden family for bringing their tractor and wood chipper to show the class. The children had some fantastic questions and big smiles as they explored the machines and found out what they were used for.

We’re off on a journey…

…out of school. What shall we see? What shall we see?

A big bus waiting for us. That’s what we see. That’s what we see.


Summer Toddler Taster Session

Bowfell Class welcomed our pre-school visitors into class today. We had trasnport themed activities both inside and outside, linked to our current topic of transport. The children bottle top boats to float in the water tray and we made a car wash. Inside there was a chocolate car; which had smarties for wheels and a jelly baby driver. We had lots of activities for all the children to access. Both Reception and Year 1 children were brilliant at looking out for our visitors and offering a helping hand. We all had lots of fun are looking forward to next years sessions.