Monthly archives: May 2018

Everyone Reading in School

Every week, we all come together in our family groups to do a whole-school read!  Each family group travels to one of our five reading areas across school to enjoy and share books together.

Toddler Taster: Gardening

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on Monday for our first Summer Term toddler taster session!  We spent an hour in Bowfell’s outdoor area in the wonderful sunshine enjoying some gardening themed activities.

We planted our own colourful bedding plants, dug for vegetables in the sensory tray, made a flower petal tea party and created flower crowns!

We also had time to explore some natural herby play dough, make cheerio bird feeders, explore some frozen flowers and print some flowers in paint using bottles before we stopped for a snack and story!

It was wonderful to see so many of you, please come back and join us on Monday 2nd July at 9.30am for our last toddler taster of the academic year!



PSHE Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Year 3 & 4

This afternoon, Year 3 & 4 were asking lots of interesting questions about the differences between boys and girls and challenging gender stereotypes:

Men and women make good doctors.

Girls work harder at school than boys.

Boys and girls can be friends.

Boys are better than girls at football.

Boys are stronger than girls.

Girls are kinder than boys.

Boys shouldn’t cry.

We used the space in the school hall to move around to show our response to these statements: True; False or not sure!  We explained our reasoning verbally covering topics on equality, freedom to choose and some discussion about the changing role of women in modern society.  Skiddaw agreed that gender isn’t important; but individuals are!  That we are all unique and special regardless.

The Holy Bible

Skiddaw class welcomed Diana, who runs Jam Club on Tuesdays, into class with her HUGE bible. She taught us lots of facts about the Holy Bible.

Did you know…

…testament means promise (as in the two sections of the Bible called the Old Testament and the New Testament)?

…the Bible contains letters, songs (Psalms) and stories?

…there are 66 books in the Bible and over 1 million words?

…the Bible is the number 1 selling book in the world?

…parts of it have been translated into over 2000 different languages?

Thank you to Diana for helping us learn these, and many more facts.


What have the Romans done for us?

On Thursday, Skiddaw class travelled up to see what the Romans had done for us nearly two thousand years ago.

Through our visit to the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda we learnt all sorts of facts.

The Romans had very hygienic bathrooms with running water. MJ

Instead of toilet roll they used sponges on sticks soaked in vinegar! EN

They ate a meal twice a day. OD

Roman shoes had hobnails on similar to the studs on our football boots. SD

A Roman symbol was the eagle. FW

Here we are enjoying the sunshine. Many thanks to FOLS for contributing to the cost of travelling this far – we really appreciate it and our visit has made lots of lasting memories and we learnt loads.

Something Fishy

“Far out in the sea lived a fish, No ordinary fish
His scales shimmered with all the colours of the rainbow.”

This week in Nursery we have been exploring lots of creative ways to represent the beautiful Rainbow Fish, from play dough and handprinted fish to an outdoor collaboration.

We chalked the outline of the fish and chose to use celery to print the curvy and colourful scales. We have been using a wide variety of tools for mark-making and the celery created an interesting pattern. The children had lots of fun working together and they were very proud of their end result.

Back inside nursery we shared the story and chatted at length about all the different characters; why the Rainbow Fish didn’t want to give his scales away; and why he had changed his mind by the end of the story

Fun with Fractions!

This week Reception and Year 1 have been learning about fractions. They have learnt that a half is one of two equal parts and that a quarter is one of four equal parts.

Today our Reception children took part in some practical fun fraction finding activities using playdough.

Year One had coloured counters in different multiples of 4; they used sorting trays and quarter mats to find out what a quarter of each of their counters was.

We are going to continue learning about fractions for the rest of the week and answer some problem solving mastery questions in order to make a lovely display in our classroom. Come back soon to see what we get up to…

Bowfell Clear Up by Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 (with Miss Dawson) enjoyed some gardening and clearing up in Bowfell’s outdoor area; all ready for more work to commence on Friday! The children worked hard by brushing up leaves, cleaning equipment, saving creepy crawlies and weeding the plants. They did a great job, despite the change in weather and had a great time too. Thank you Year 5!

Bowfell Outdoor Area

We are all very excited about starting to develop our outdoor learning space.  Our EYFS and Year 1 children have been thinking about what they would like: a shelter, waterwalls, water trays and a sandpit were among the favourites.  We also enjoyed watching the drone take some special photographs of the area so that we can start making plans.   Bowfell Clear up Afternoon is Friday 11th May at 2pm.  Please come along to help (armed with tools) to get us underway if you can!

Scafell Outdoors!

On April the 30th, Scafell went on an exciting adventure to Lake Windermere!

The adventure began at 1 o’clock once we had all kitted up into our tight wetsuits and excitedly walked down to the jetty. Scafell did three activities and they included: Canoeing, Kayaking and Sailing. They were split into three groups and each group participated in two of the activities each. With the kayaking, you were in a single kayak and had a double ended paddle to row yourself in. As for the canoeing, you were in a longer boat, which held multiple people and you had to work in a team to go further. While in the canoe, we sang some songs and played some fun games! Sailing involved a race, as we were sent deeper into the lake and then the instructor let us go! The two boats raced each other back to the beach. At the very end, we had a chance to jump of the jetty into the water!

In conclusion, this trip was great fun and was a brilliant chance to get outside!

By AK and RP (Scafell)