Scafell Outdoors!

On April the 30th, Scafell went on an exciting adventure to Lake Windermere!

The adventure began at 1 o’clock once we had all kitted up into our tight wetsuits and excitedly walked down to the jetty. Scafell did three activities and they included: Canoeing, Kayaking and Sailing. They were split into three groups and each group participated in two of the activities each. With the kayaking, you were in a single kayak and had a double ended paddle to row yourself in. As for the canoeing, you were in a longer boat, which held multiple people and you had to work in a team to go further. While in the canoe, we sang some songs and played some fun games! Sailing involved a race, as we were sent deeper into the lake and then the instructor let us go! The two boats raced each other back to the beach. At the very end, we had a chance to jump of the jetty into the water!

In conclusion, this trip was great fun and was a brilliant chance to get outside!

By AK and RP (Scafell)