Monthly archives: October 2021

Harvest Thanks

This week, we have been celebrating and thanking God for our Harvest. We presented such a wonderful selection of delicious and nutritious food that members of our School Council collected from everyone during our service. We were entertained with the story of The Little Red Hen from Class 1 and with The Voices of Water poem by Tony Mitton from Class 3. We ended our service with special thank you prayers led by members of year 6.

Our School Council now have a special job of preparing and delivering our contributions to Kendal Food Bank where they will be distributed to those in our local area who need an extra hand in feeding their families who we know will be very grateful for our generosity. Thank you everyone.

Levens Hall in the Sunshine!

Class 2 had a wonderful time exploring the grounds and the buildings of Levens Hall as part of their local history this half term. They certainly chose the very best day weather wise to walk through the fields, seeing Mrs Mason’s cows, and crossing the tall bridges to come out near the hall. They spent some time exploring the beautiful shaped topiary trees and saw the gardeners at work on their huge crane. By the pool, Mrs Mason led relaxing mindfulness moments and the guided tour of the hall included lots of interesting facts. Our visit ended with a wonderful run around the play area. Thank you to Mrs Brown, one of our amazing Governors, for stepping in to accompany us on our visit.

Roman Numbers

We have been exploring Roman numbers this week. We know that I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50 and C=100. Romans didn’t have a zero!

We’ve enjoyed using our colourful wooden sticks to make some numbers up to 10 and then to 100 and had many different ideas about how some numbers can be made. We explained our thinking to each other and impressed our friends with lots of problem solving and mental calculations going on!

Here we are with a few of the numbers…

A visit from Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service

The children in EYFS were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Kendal team yesterday afternoon who came to talk about some important fire safety messages, especially with the upcoming celebration of Bonfire Night in a few weeks time. They enjoyed learning about how the fire engine works, where its water comes from, the different ways in which the fire service helps people, what is on board and trying on some special clothing.

Road Safety!

If you live in Levens Village, you might have noticed class 4 out and about a bit more than usual recently! We’ve been spending lots of time in the village learning about travelling safely.

First, we had PCSO Jayne come and visit us to tell us about walking around the village. It might seem simple, but there’s actually a lot to it! Levens is full of small, narrow lanes, and not everywhere has a footpath so it’s actually quite tricky to navigate!

This week we’ve had Robin from Bikeability visit us. He’s shown us how to navigate safely by bike, ensuring that we use the correct road positioning and hand signals. This week has been especially challenging as we have been cycling in all weathers with some horrendous rain! I’m pleased to say everyone has ridden and walked safely – let’s all take a moment to remember those lessons next time we’re in a rush to get somewhere!


On The Way Home by Jill Murphy

Miss Robinson and Class 2 have been enjoying reading and exploring the story of On The Way Home by Jill Murphy. They analysed the sequence of the text and identified letters, words and sentences and what punctuation is used. Everyone has now planned their own version of the story, ready to write next week.

Here are photos of their English working wall.

Travelling and balancing

The blustery wet weather didn’t spoil our PE fun this week! We had the opportunity to get out the large apparatus in the hall and explored different ways of travelling and balancing. We were trying to perfect our positions and apply what we have learnt in gymnastics so far, like pointing our toes, holding our balances steady even when we were upside down and finding interesting ways to move around.

Take a look here…