Daily archives: 6th October 2021

Road Safety!

If you live in Levens Village, you might have noticed class 4 out and about a bit more than usual recently! We’ve been spending lots of time in the village learning about travelling safely.

First, we had PCSO Jayne come and visit us to tell us about walking around the village. It might seem simple, but there’s actually a lot to it! Levens is full of small, narrow lanes, and not everywhere has a footpath so it’s actually quite tricky to navigate!

This week we’ve had Robin from Bikeability visit us. He’s shown us how to navigate safely by bike, ensuring that we use the correct road positioning and hand signals. This week has been especially challenging as we have been cycling in all weathers with some horrendous rain! I’m pleased to say everyone has ridden and walked safely – let’s all take a moment to remember those lessons next time we’re in a rush to get somewhere!