Monthly archives: January 2018

Art inspired by Africa

Look at Bowfell’s stunning art work!  Children in year 1 and 2 enjoyed creating atmospheric sunsets of the African grasslands.  Can you identify the animals shown by the silhouettes?  Our Reception children created patterns inspired by animal skins using many different tools, including fingers, to create their colourful designs.  These beautiful pieces are on display in Bowfell Classroom; come and have  a closer look to see which animals you can find!

Dancing by Numbers


In dance sessions, Skiddaw have been exploring sequences linked to other areas of the curriculum. We began with contrasting adjectives, inspired by our science work on Materials, such as rigid and flexible or rounded and sharp. Next we took a Maths numbers theme. We have created sequences using a variety of levels, twists and shapes. We have worked by ourselves and worked in partnership mirroring our movements. Every session we have helped each other in our performance by improving our neatness, variety of movements and in communicating well with our partners.

Hama Bead Fun!

On Thursday lunchtimes, many pupils can be found busy making lovely Hama bead creations at Hama bead club.

We are making great use of the new box of Hama beads that arrived this week – it has 30,000 pieces in! Our first finished items were completed today. It takes lots of patience, concentration and perseverance to do this activity along with really nimble fingers! Well done everyone.

Year 2 Violin Lessons

Today, our year 2 children enjoyed their second violin lesson.  They are already able to identify the different parts of the violin through song and rhyme; and they have been learning the names of each string, EADG; and how to pluck them.  Next week, we will be using bows for the first time!

Toddler Taster – Creative Cooking

What a wonderful morning our pre-school children had at our Toddler Taster Cooking session this morning.  Mrs Mason organised a range of fun activities including: crispy cakes, filo-pastry parcels, strawberry mice and pitta-pizzas with lots of different toppings.  It was lovely to welcome so many families from our local community and thanks to staff, governors and some year 5 pupils for coming along to help.  The morning concluded with a favourite rhyming story; ‘Pass the Jam Jim!’ and each child left with a bundle of tasty treats for lunch!  We look forward to our next Toddler Taster session in March.

Friday morning in Bowfell Class

Thought we would share a snapshot of this morning’s learning in Bowfell Class with our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children.  Lots of different activities going on, some independent, some teacher led;  including: phonics, making 3D shapes and 3D towers, basket weaving, construction, guided reading, role-play in the cafe with signs and menus; and lots, lots more!  All the children engaged and happy in their learning!


Should the UK ban all plastic bags?

In the week when Theresa May has pledged the Government’s commitment to irradiate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042, Scafell and Skiddaw came together in our school hall to debate whether plastic bags should be banned from all supermarkets and high street stores.  First, we watched a video called ‘plastic seas’ where we learnt some startling facts about the impact of our use of plastic on our environment.  Our seas and oceans are overflowing with plastic waste that our marine life is becoming entangled within or is mistaking for food.  In some areas the waste is so extensive it is called ‘plastic soup’.

This afternoon, our year 6 experts demonstrated how to debate this issue in the same way topics are debated in the House of Commons with a very strong and expert ‘Mr Speaker’.  The only difference was that our children were much more polite, no one fell asleep and the vote at the end was unanimous – The UK Government should ban plastic bags!

A Busy Week

We have all enjoyed a wonderful first few days back after the Christmas holidays.  Take a look at some of the fun and learning taking place across our school…

Area and perimeter, multiplication arrays, piano lessons,  playing together at breaktimes, identifying odd and even numbers, multiplication jigsaws, storytelling, thank you letters to Santa, newspaper reports……

Can you spot any new faces in these photos.  We have some new nursery children joining this week and Mrs Haslam has spent today getting to know Bowfell Class.

The Cabin…

On Thursday 4th January, in the afternoon, a crane landed a cabin in the playground.

The cabin was transported, in two halves, by trucks. First they put one half onto the block stands and about half an hour later they attached the second half.

The workers were harnessed to the crane to keep them safe. They had to wear hard hats, gloves, high vis jackets, metal toe capped boots, padded tops and pants and waterproof trousers. They used walkie talkies so they didn’t have to shout and so they could communicate to the person in the crane and to each other. The workers had to use metal chains and hooks so then they could attach them to the cabin and lift the cabin into the playground.

The cabin is staying for up to 10 months and we are going to use it as a dining hall canteen for now because the other one is having work done on it. By Skiddaw Class