Daily archives: 12th January 2018

Should the UK ban all plastic bags?

In the week when Theresa May has pledged the Government’s commitment to irradiate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042, Scafell and Skiddaw came together in our school hall to debate whether plastic bags should be banned from all supermarkets and high street stores.  First, we watched a video called ‘plastic seas’ where we learnt some startling facts about the impact of our use of plastic on our environment.  Our seas and oceans are overflowing with plastic waste that our marine life is becoming entangled within or is mistaking for food.  In some areas the waste is so extensive it is called ‘plastic soup’.

This afternoon, our year 6 experts demonstrated how to debate this issue in the same way topics are debated in the House of Commons with a very strong and expert ‘Mr Speaker’.  The only difference was that our children were much more polite, no one fell asleep and the vote at the end was unanimous – The UK Government should ban plastic bags!