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Autumn Pumpkins

Bowfell Class have continued exploring autumn today. Starting by hearing about all their autumn adventures over half term. Today we’ve cut open a pumpkin to see what was inside, we described the textures and smells before using tens frames to count out the seeds. Year 1 also had a go at using the seeds and tens frames to find number bonds to 10.

Did You Know…?

As part of our Geography topic, Skiddaw class have been researching interesting facts, from a selection of websites, about a European country. We have worked together in teams to present our facts, in a big poster. We chose to research Germany, The Netherlands, France and Iceland. We are hoping to amaze you with some of our fun facts in Good Work Assembly this Friday – we hope to see you there!

Our Pupil Parliament Trip

On Friday the 13th  of October – unlucky for some, but not for us! – Olly, Rosie, Finn and Mille left at 9am to go to Pupil Parliament, at the Netherwood Hotel in Grange. We all set off really excited about the day ahead of us, preparing to meet John Bercow (the speaker in the Houses of Parliament). When we arrived, we started off with a welcoming speech from David Bone. Then we did some fun ice-breakers to get to know other schools. After the ice-breakers, we headed for a well-deserved break. Later on, after break, we had time to ask John Bercow questions about his life and his job. Then we had a delicious lunch of pizza and chip!

Finally, we had an amazing debate on whether or not ordinary people can save our seas from plastic pollution, or should the government step in some more? Did you know, by 2050 there will be more plastic in our seas than there are fish? Shocking isn’t it? Take a look at our photos and the poster we created and have a think about how we can make a difference.

by Olly and Rosie

Dallam Netball Tournament

On Wednesday the 18th of October, the Year 5 and 6 Netball Team went with Mrs Craggs to the Dallam Netball Tournament. We all really enjoyed the day, and the scores were:

First match- St. Patricks (we won 2-0).

Second match – Arnside (we won 2-1).

Third match – Milnthorpe A team  (they won 5-0).

We all had a great time, and want to say thank you Mrs Craggs for training us and for driving some of us to the tournament. Also, thank you Mrs Stewart and Mrs Brownlie for helping.

(By TW,  DD)

Ancient Egyptian Embalmers

This term we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians, and it has taken 7 weeks before Miss Dawson finally taught us what we wanted to learn the most – how Ancient Egyptians mummified people to prepare them for the afterlife. Today Scafell became emabalmers!

First, we learnt what happened at each stage of the mummification process. We then worked together to mummify our own Pharaoh (banana!) To begin, we made a slit in the banana’s abdomen, pulled out its brain through its nose, took out its lungs, liver, stomach and intestines (which we put into canopic jars) before rubbing it with salt to dry the skin. We then oiled the body to moisturise it; and even gave it a massage – which strangely enough is what the Egyptians did back then! Finally, we wrapped the body up using bandages (toilet roll!)

We gave our mummies their death masks and even created Sarcophagus’ for them. Miss Dawson was impressed with our one-handed embalmer (OW!) Scafell really enjoyed the afternoon and learn a lot. I’m not sure the smell of mushed up banana will leave the classroom anytime soon!

How to make Apple Muffins

This week year 2 are looking at the features of instruction writing; focusing particularly on a recipe for making apple muffins.  They have identified headings, subheadings, ‘bossy’ verbs, lists and bullet points.   Today all the children enjoyed using a range of skills to make their muffins in pairs.   As you can see from the photographs, they had great fun in the process.


All our practical experience today will be feeding into our instruction writing later this week.  Well done Year 2 and thanks Mrs Mason!

South Lakes Pupil Parliament

Look who we bumped into at our first Pupil Parliament meeting of the year…..

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

This afternoon, Skiddaw Class have been thinking about ‘worries’.  We used our circle time discussions to explore what we worry about and how worrying makes us feel.

Next, we used a large outline of a child to identify how worries affect us.  We wrote our ideas on post-its before placing them on the area of the body where we feel the worry.  These included: struggling to sleep, snakes in my tummy, shaking, feeling like I’m going to cry, feeling sick.

Our session moved on to starting to think about ways in which we can overcome worries and we will continue finding different strategies in our next lesson.  We listened to a song by Bobby McFerrin titled ‘Don’t Worry – Be Happy’ and ended our session back in our circle time arrangement sharing something that makes us feel happy!

Amazing Apostrophes

Skiddaw class have been learning about using apostrophes correctly. Ben N explained that apostrophes are like commas that have floated up attached to a balloon. We have also learnt that they have two uses. One is missing letters like it is and it’s and the other is belonging to like Katie’s pen. We are also looking at places that don’t need an apostrophe like plural words such as cats and other words that end in s. Words that end in s don’t always need an apostrophe. We are trying to use them correctly in our writing and spot them in our reading and in the world around us!

Image result for apostrophe