Daily archives: 12th October 2017

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

This afternoon, Skiddaw Class have been thinking about ‘worries’.  We used our circle time discussions to explore what we worry about and how worrying makes us feel.

Next, we used a large outline of a child to identify how worries affect us.  We wrote our ideas on post-its before placing them on the area of the body where we feel the worry.  These included: struggling to sleep, snakes in my tummy, shaking, feeling like I’m going to cry, feeling sick.

Our session moved on to starting to think about ways in which we can overcome worries and we will continue finding different strategies in our next lesson.  We listened to a song by Bobby McFerrin titled ‘Don’t Worry – Be Happy’ and ended our session back in our circle time arrangement sharing something that makes us feel happy!