Ancient Egyptian Embalmers

This term we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians, and it has taken 7 weeks before Miss Dawson finally taught us what we wanted to learn the most – how Ancient Egyptians mummified people to prepare them for the afterlife. Today Scafell became emabalmers!

First, we learnt what happened at each stage of the mummification process. We then worked together to mummify our own Pharaoh (banana!) To begin, we made a slit in the banana’s abdomen, pulled out its brain through its nose, took out its lungs, liver, stomach and intestines (which we put into canopic jars) before rubbing it with salt to dry the skin. We then oiled the body to moisturise it; and even gave it a massage – which strangely enough is what the Egyptians did back then! Finally, we wrapped the body up using bandages (toilet roll!)

We gave our mummies their death masks and even created Sarcophagus’ for them. Miss Dawson was impressed with our one-handed embalmer (OW!) Scafell really enjoyed the afternoon and learn a lot. I’m not sure the smell of mushed up banana will leave the classroom anytime soon!