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Outdoor Learning update from Skiddaw!

We weren’t in the classroom yesterday, but we were learning lots! These are some of the things the members of Skiddaw class have mentioned today about their adventures. We’ve learnt that…

…bracken and oak trees have different caterpillars feeding on them.

…tallow from animal fats can be used to make candles and that they can have grass wicks.

…hazel trees grow many smaller shoots that can be made into charcoal and for arrows.

…orange numbers on maps are contour lines and close together lines show a steep slope.

…the top of a map is north!

…at the centre of the earth is a gigantic magnet.

…our songs and shouts echoed in the caves.

…how important it is to help others and the importance of motivating a team.

…holding a hand or giving support in the dark really helps people when they are scared.

We think that’s pretty good for one day!

Our plants have grown!

The seeds we planted with Darren a few months ago have grown! They are now going back to the Wilson house to be taken down to their allotment and planted there. We hope to go down and visit them soon,

Sun, sun sun in Tilberthwaite

Skiddaw class enjoyed a fantastic hill walking day exploring the area around Tilberthwaite near Coniston. We walked around 7 miles, viewed maps of the area, explored the wonderful Cathedral Cavern, climbed out and reappeared into the sunshine from a long and very dark tunnel! We paddled our hot and tired toes in the river before returning to school. What a wonderful day!

Have a look at our route in Google Maps

What a beautiful day!

I am incredibly proud of the little legs in Bowfell Class today. We have had a fantastic time yomping about on Cunswick Fell and Scout Scar. The children walked further than expected, enjoyed each others company and helped each other along with encouraging words and bag carrying. Most importantly there were big smiles from everyone and a great day was had by all!

Scafell Class enjoying Forest Schools

Year 5 + 6 enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in our woodland area this afternoon.  We started our session with some challenges to test our teamwork skills including listening, co-operation, supporting one another, sharing ideas and problem solving; some made a little more tricky with blindfolds.

We then moved on to our group challenges: making a small-world sheltered environment on a theme.  Each group worked collaboratively to develop their ideas into amazing miniature communities involving fairies, unicorns, farms, Minecraft and many more.  Each had a range of imaginative features such as gardens, furniture, water slides, hot tubs, campfires, ploughed fields, doorways etc.

We have all certainly developed our creative thinking, imagination and skills to work collaboratively.  Great fun too! More expeditions to our wildlife area continue this term.

Dallam Athletics

Skiddaw have enjoyed 3 weeks of athletics sessions with Dallam PE specialists. In the sunshine, we have all tried the field events of discus, javelin and shotput as well as training in sprints and longer distance track events. Mike was great at creating fun relay games and encouraging us to pace ourselves for the longer distances. We finished the series of sessions with a Levens Olympics with Jamaica, America, Great Britain and Australia teams.


What do we get up to in Planning?

We spend part of Friday afternoons “Planning” in Skiddaw class. This means the children are enabled to make choices about where they want to take their learning next. The cloakroom becomes our music studio whilst modelling of all sorts, including boxes, construction kits and playdough, are all on offer. We have access to computers and make presentations and research things that interest us – recently these have included birds and the history of people’s names! Some children choose to write stories and illustrate them, others make cards or work as a team on some of our massive jigsaw puzzles. Building models with wooden blocks is really popular at the moment as well as role play in our shop. The children develop important life skills of cooperation and collaboration alongside persevering and problem solving when following through their own plans. There is always lots of sharing and appreciation of ideas, talents and skills and the afternoon usually ends with a magical musical performance!


Shape Maths

Skiddaw class have been working hard learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have made labels and models and have been using these to look at their properties. We have been using vocabulary such as vertices, edges and faces to describe 3D shape and even made some “What am I?” shape quizzes to get everyone guessing!

Let’s play music!

On 18.5.17, four people, in a little orchestra from Cumbria Music Hub, played us five tunes from the Carnival of the Animals – the tortoise, the lion, the kangaroo, the swan and the cockerel. There were 2 flutes, a keyboard, a clarinet and a bassoon. The tortoise was a really slow piece like it was plodding along. The cockerel going cluck was really short and spiky, in other words staccato. The swan was smooth and gracefully played, in other words legato. The lion’s tune sounded really royal as lions like to be king of their kingdom. It was very jumpy in the piece for the kangaroo.

The lion was the most popular piece in Skiddaw Class.

“I really liked the kangaroo’s tune because it was high and jumpy like an actual kangaroo!” said Daisy.

Written by Skiddaw Class

Kwik Cricket at Dallam

This afternoon our Kwik Crick team played extremely well at the final event of the Dallam Primary Cup Challenge.  At the start of this event, Levens School were in first place following amazing performances at the Netball and Hockey competitions, but today’s challenge was by far the greatest.  Drawn against two very competent teams – who went on to achieve first and second place overall – we secured many points, but not enough to keep us at the top of the leader board.

Our children showed determination to the end with some superb fielding – including dramatic catches and fast, accurate bowling  – and many points scored with our competent batting!  Overall it was a good performance and all were fantastic ambassadors for our school.

Well done Levens.