What do we get up to in Planning?

We spend part of Friday afternoons “Planning” in Skiddaw class. This means the children are enabled to make choices about where they want to take their learning next. The cloakroom becomes our music studio whilst modelling of all sorts, including boxes, construction kits and playdough, are all on offer. We have access to computers and make presentations and research things that interest us – recently these have included birds and the history of people’s names! Some children choose to write stories and illustrate them, others make cards or work as a team on some of our massive jigsaw puzzles. Building models with wooden blocks is really popular at the moment as well as role play in our shop. The children develop important life skills of cooperation and collaboration alongside persevering and problem solving when following through their own plans. There is always lots of sharing and appreciation of ideas, talents and skills and the afternoon usually ends with a magical musical performance!