Monthly archives: January 2017

Bowfell on the Moon

Today we made our own space helmets and visited the moon. We counted down, from 100 to 0 in 10s and blasted off. The children all had a go at moon walking and crater jumping.

Back in the classroom we shared our experiences. We described how we felt, they things we saw and the things we heard.

Fractions and Decimals!

Today we have been finding equivalent fractions and decimals.  We worked collaboratively in groups to match the cards.  Some facts we need to be able to recall as quickly as our multiplication tables for example 3/4 = 0.75.  However others were more tricky and required some calculations.  We used our knowledge of equivalent fractions to find some pairs e.g. 2/5 = 4/10 so it is the same as 0.4.   As you can see we are pleased with our understanding and progress!


Miss Nic came into school for her first lesson with Reception and Nursery children. They had a brilliant time warming up, learning a routine and getting their teddies to join in, They can’t wait for next week!

Find a fraction!

We have been working hard on fractions in maths. Here are some of us building multi-link models showing a half and a quarter.

Here are a few of the sums others have written using fraction walls and = ,  + ,  – ,  <  or  > signs.




Whatever Next!

Our Nursery and Reception children have been acting out the story of ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. We have been using the photographs to sequence and retell the story. We have also added speech bubbles and captions.

Can you tell someone the story using our pictures?

Designing and Making a model Greek Temple

This week Scafell Class have started their designs to build a model Greek Temple.  We started with some research about the features of Greek temples before trying to come up with some ideas about how to create their models in small groups.  Lots of thinking, collaboration, problem solving, maths and measuring.  Some children created prototypes out of Lego as part of their planning too.   Watch this space;  we will let you know how we get on soon….

Hama Bead Club

Well done to Amelia, Robyn and Abigail who led the first lunchtime club today.  They have organised the club completely independently by: writing to the parents; collecting the reply slips; organising and taking a register; and interacting with and supporting our club-goers to create some wonderful designs.

Skiddaw Science

It is only day two of the new term but we’re already getting into learning all about our digestive system in all its wonderful glory! Did you know that the small intestine is a tube about 6m long all coiled up inside you? Well we do now! Take a look at the grins on our faces as we got messy exploring the journey our food takes from beginning to end.