Monthly archives: February 2018

Learning about volume and capacity with potions!

This week Scafell class have been learning about measurement. They have worked very hard and so we had some educational fun on Friday afternoon. The children created their own slimy, colourful potions (with a hint of eyeballs!) They used many skills such as: reading scales; accurately measuring out liquid in ml and l; converting measures; finding fractions of measurements; and used lots of team work and creativity! Take a look, but beware, the potions have magical powers…

Key Steps Superstars!

We had a fantastic time at Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Dallam School today. All of the children have worked so hard prior to the competition, and their skills shone through today. Key Steps Group 1 (Year 2) won Silver, Group 2 (Year 3/4) won Gold and, last but not least, Group 3 (Year 5/6) won Bronze; following their efforts in vault, body management and amazing floor performances. Additionally, K.H (Group 2) gained the most points overall in the whole competition. What superstars! Thank you to all of our wonderful Gymnasts for participating, and to all of the parents and teaching staff who have supported the practice and main event. We all feel immensely proud!

Special Talents

We had a special assembly today to say good bye, good luck and especially thank you to Mrs Haslam. She has been a wonderful addition to our team and we wanted to thank her for all her hard work over the past few weeks. We sang her a lovely song that recognises we all have special talents and this seemed a perfect way to celebrate Mrs Haslam’s talents too! Here she is with her beautiful flowers and cards.

Playing in a Winter Wonderland!

It has been a wonderful winter wonderland outside today. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing out in the snow during break time and lunch time, making snowmen and even snow-dogs! Look at all of those happy faces!

Ancient Egyptian day at Tullie House, Carlisle.

On Thursday the 1st of February, the children in Scafell thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Tullie House, Carlisle. Here is a recount written by DD and AK:

Patiently, Scafell class waited at Oxenholme Train Station for their long-awaited Ancient Egyptian adventure at Tullie House Museum,

After a fun train journey playing cards, we arrived at the Museum (at approximately 9am) and immediately started our exciting day. Firstly, we all wandered upstairs to our craft including: handling all of the ancient artefacts; dressing up in authentic Egyptian clothing; braiding papyrus reeds; discovering strange heiroglyphics and being artists! Next, we mummified a dummy (including pulling the brain out with a hook). Furthermore, we designed beautiful Sarcophagus’ as bright as the sun.

To our astonishment, we met an Egyptian lady who had time-travelled from Ancient Egypt. She told us all about her village in the black land and her cheeky neighbour who attempted to steal her land. She was dressed like an Ancient Egyptian and had a magnificent necklace with the eye of Horus on it. The necklace had a bright turquoise Scarab beetle on it (also known as a dung beetle, which symbolises Ra rolling the sun into our skies!) We really enjoyed meeting her.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and will never forget it! We have all loved learning about Ancient Egypt and want to say a big thank you to Miss Dawson, Mrs Mason and Mr Gillard for taking us on this fantastic trip!

DD and AK.


Handa’s Surprise

This week, everyone has been enjoying being storytellers performing the story of Handa’s Surprise using picture-prompts and actions made up by the children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

The children are very proud of their writing retelling the story!  We have been remembering to start sentences with capital letters; use time connectives, finger spaces, full stops; and sequence our story in the correct order.

Superstar writing from everyone!

Fabulous French

Skiddaw have been making the most of having Mrs Maddock teaching them as her first language is French. She has been wonderful to incorporate French into our dance lesson this week, encouraging us all to speak and write in the language. We used our French for counting, simple instructions as well as revisiting the Amazonian animal names we know to guide our dance movements.

Did you know…?

Skiddaw class have been loving finding out lots of facts about South America in Geography. We have concentrated on learning about famous physical and human features in this continent. Many begin with A – the Atacama desert, the Amazon River and Rainforest and the Andes mountain range too.

Here are a few of our interesting facts…

Did you know…

…that the Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world? LK

…that the Amazon River begins in the Andes mountains? KH

…that the Amazon River is over 4000miles long and has 200 tributaries? EP HW

…that in the Atacama Desert people can catch fog? IC

…that the lichen on the cacti catches drops of water from the fog? PBT

Dallam Cross Country Triumphs

A large number of Levens runners did the school proud by entering the Dallam Cross Country course. Every single runner tackled the boggy and windy conditions with grit and a determination to finish the course. We were lucky enough to bring home a raft of medals too.

Many thanks to Mrs Mason, Miss Dawson, Ms Jones and especially Mrs Coker for getting everyone into their stride with our Wednesday after school running club.