Daily archives: 3rd February 2018

Ancient Egyptian day at Tullie House, Carlisle.

On Thursday the 1st of February, the children in Scafell thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Tullie House, Carlisle. Here is a recount written by DD and AK:

Patiently, Scafell class waited at Oxenholme Train Station for their long-awaited Ancient Egyptian adventure at Tullie House Museum,

After a fun train journey playing cards, we arrived at the Museum (at approximately 9am) and immediately started our exciting day. Firstly, we all wandered upstairs to our craft including: handling all of the ancient artefacts; dressing up in authentic Egyptian clothing; braiding papyrus reeds; discovering strange heiroglyphics and being artists! Next, we mummified a dummy (including pulling the brain out with a hook). Furthermore, we designed beautiful Sarcophagus’ as bright as the sun.

To our astonishment, we met an Egyptian lady who had time-travelled from Ancient Egypt. She told us all about her village in the black land and her cheeky neighbour who attempted to steal her land. She was dressed like an Ancient Egyptian and had a magnificent necklace with the eye of Horus on it. The necklace had a bright turquoise Scarab beetle on it (also known as a dung beetle, which symbolises Ra rolling the sun into our skies!) We really enjoyed meeting her.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and will never forget it! We have all loved learning about Ancient Egypt and want to say a big thank you to Miss Dawson, Mrs Mason and Mr Gillard for taking us on this fantastic trip!

DD and AK.