Monthly archives: May 2017

Stay Safe – Speak Out!

Yesterday, the NSPCC visited school to deliver  assemblies to our key stage 1 and 2 children. Their message was very clear!  We all have a right to stay safe but if we feel uncomfortable, unhappy or in danger there are things we can and should do: tell a trusted adult or phone Childline on 0800 11 11.

Children in year 5 and 6 learnt even more in their workshop that followed. This was all about what we should do in a range of situations.  Our discussions covered a range of issues affecting children all over the U.K. including; neglect, emotional abuse, bullying, cyber-bullying and sexual abuse.  Scafell Class will be learning more about how to stay safe when sharing on-line throughout this term.

There is lots of information for children and parents on the NSPCC website: 

Left or Right? Hand or Foot?

We have been making sure we know our left from our right. The children have been taking turns to give instructions to each other. We had lots of fun playing Twister!

We have some very bendy children in Bowfell Class!

Designing and Making a take-a-way Pizza

Year 5&6 had great fun on Friday preparing and making different sorts of pizzas.  First they worked in groups to make the dough before choosing from a range of ingredients for the toppings.  They carefully considered different dietary requirements by preparing vegetarian as well as dairy-free pizzas too. The next challenge involved creating a brand for their pizza and making a take-a-way box complete with a closing lid and decorated with attractive designs to promote their brand.

To follow up this practical, fun day; we will be reading different sorts of recipes in order to get ideas about how to write our own instructions for making pizza.

Lasagne….. mmmmmm!! Delicious!

What a wonderful treat all the staff at Levens School had on Monday evening.  A two course meal prepared and served by our year 5 pupils.  The children had also organised invitations; prepared menus; set the tables (including flower arrangements); chosen music to create atmosphere; and even did the washing up at the end!  Everyone was extremely impressed with the 5 star food – the lasagne was ‘delectable’ according to one diner and the fruit salad had everyone wanting more.  Well done to our pupils and their leaders – Mrs Mason and Mrs Coker!


Today we started to look at the artist Kandinsky. One of his most famous pieces is a series on concentric circles.

Kandinsky loved music and colour. He believed that colour could express feelings in the same way music could.

We talked about the different colours, how they might make us feel and why. We then had a go at creating our own.

Bowfell Class Sell Houses

As part of our topic of Houses and Homes, we have set up an estate agents in our role play area.

The children have been taking on different roles and deciding on the types of houses their character might want. The estate agent has been asking questions to establish more details and share options with their clients.

Telling the Time

We have been learning to tell the time in Bowfell Class this week. We started with o’clock and then half past.

We have played ‘What Time is it Mr Wolf?’, we have used our bodies and made the times on small clocks. Year 1 have also been solving problems using time.

Year 5 visit Dallam for an afternoon of K’nex!

Last week, we went to Dallam to enjoy a science afternoon.   It was really fun.  First we got into pairs and started our tasks which were: building helmets and cars!  Making the hats was tricky because they had to fit our heads and have special features.  Everyone’s was different but we had to make lots of changes so that they fitted on our heads!

by Trinity and Erin

At first we didn’t know what k’nex was but then our tutor, Fran, explained and gave us instructions on how to build a car out of K’nex. He gave us two specific things for our car.  These were to fit a shoe onto the car and the second was to have a compartment that fitted a spare tyre inside.  On our car we decided that we would use Rosie’s shoe to put on the car. Our second decision was not to use a band to stick the shoe to the car, but use Rosie’s velcro on her shoe instead.  Fran set a ramp for each car to be rolled down to see whose car travelled the furthest.  We came in 3rd place – It was a fantastic afternoon!

by Rosie and Penny