Daily archives: 26th May 2017

Outdoor Learning update from Skiddaw!

We weren’t in the classroom yesterday, but we were learning lots! These are some of the things the members of Skiddaw class have mentioned today about their adventures. We’ve learnt that…

…bracken and oak trees have different caterpillars feeding on them.

…tallow from animal fats can be used to make candles and that they can have grass wicks.

…hazel trees grow many smaller shoots that can be made into charcoal and for arrows.

…orange numbers on maps are contour lines and close together lines show a steep slope.

…the top of a map is north!

…at the centre of the earth is a gigantic magnet.

…our songs and shouts echoed in the caves.

…how important it is to help others and the importance of motivating a team.

…holding a hand or giving support in the dark really helps people when they are scared.

We think that’s pretty good for one day!