Monthly archives: October 2017

Y5 + 6 Cyclewise

This week our year 5 and 6 pupils are learning how to be competent, safe and responsible cyclists.  Today was all about assessing our skills in our school playground before moving out onto our local roads tomorrow.   By the end of this week, we hope that all 15 pupils taking part will have completed this comprehensive course successfully so that they have developed all the skills to ride with increased understanding, awareness and respect for the road.


Toddler Taster – Messy Play

We welcomed pre school children into Bowfell Class this morning for our first Toddler Taster session of the year. Everyone had a great time exploring all the different textures!

Library Van

The Library Van visited school today. Each child had the opportunity to choose a book they would like to read and share with their friends.

Here are Reception enjoying their first visit.

Dallam Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday the 4th of October, eleven Scafell children excitedly travelled to the Dallam hockey tournament. There were four games in total. In the first game we drew with Milnthorpe (1-1), second game we won Burton (2-1), third game we won Endmoor (5-0) and finally, in the fourth game, we drew with Crosscrake (1-1). We really enjoyed playing hockey and hope we can do it again soon.


We need to say a huge thank you to Mrs Craggs for training us for our hockey match and for driving us safely there. Also, thank you to Mr Stewart and Mr Wilson for driving us there and supporting us. (TW, DD, AK, MS).


Bowfell Class loose in the Village!

Bowfell Class have been learning about our village this half term. In class we have looked at different maps and aerial photos and have used them to spot the places we are familiar with.

This afternoon we togged up and went out in the rain to see if we could find all these places in ‘real life’.

We took maps with us so we knew where to go. We also added the OS symbols, made our own key and added other features to the map. We also made sure we spotted where we lived as we went past!

What is the World Wide Web?

We have been learning that the World Wide Web is NOT the internet! They are different things.

The world wide web is loads of information like songs and music, videos, facts, fake information and photos, games and messages. CH, FW, MJ, EP, OD, SD

In internet links all around the world.  It is millions of computers communicating with each other around the world. BN

In this picture there are loads of little packets of data (jigsaw pieces of a picture) travelling along the internet from one computer to another. In real life the packets of data are smaller than a piece of jigsaw. The packets are carried by routers. You need to know the IP address of both computers before they can be sent. SD

The routers all go in different wiggly lines because if they all went in one straight line it would take for ever! IT