Daily archives: 9th May 2018

Something Fishy

“Far out in the sea lived a fish, No ordinary fish
His scales shimmered with all the colours of the rainbow.”

This week in Nursery we have been exploring lots of creative ways to represent the beautiful Rainbow Fish, from play dough and handprinted fish to an outdoor collaboration.

We chalked the outline of the fish and chose to use celery to print the curvy and colourful scales. We have been using a wide variety of tools for mark-making and the celery created an interesting pattern. The children had lots of fun working together and they were very proud of their end result.

Back inside nursery we shared the story and chatted at length about all the different characters; why the Rainbow Fish didn’t want to give his scales away; and why he had changed his mind by the end of the story

Fun with Fractions!

This week Reception and Year 1 have been learning about fractions. They have learnt that a half is one of two equal parts and that a quarter is one of four equal parts.

Today our Reception children took part in some practical fun fraction finding activities using playdough.

Year One had coloured counters in different multiples of 4; they used sorting trays and quarter mats to find out what a quarter of each of their counters was.

We are going to continue learning about fractions for the rest of the week and answer some problem solving mastery questions in order to make a lovely display in our classroom. Come back soon to see what we get up to…