School Council Visit Waterstones Bookshop in Lancaster

School Council have been on a wonderful trip to Waterstones Book Shop in Lancaster.

After a ride on the train- we got to the station by the skin of our teeth- we made it to the attractive book shop where we browsed the book shelves so that we can fill our new library space. We split up to hunt for them!

After searching high and low for non-fiction books to please our classmates, we re-joined together to discuss our options. Finally, we all agreed on our choices, paid up and headed off for lunch in the historical castle of Lancaster. After being spooked by a skeleton in one of the old dungeons, we were treated to a hot chocolate in the cafe (which was the best we had had in a while)! Then,  we headed back to the station with the generous gifts the shop had given us including: a red pencil; an exciting bookmark; a couple of activity sheets and a few copies of the new book by Joseph Elliot- Nora and the Map of Mayhem. We left happy and so pleased – it had been such a fantastic day.


Written by Charlotte (year 6) and Eleanor (Year 5) – School Councillors.