Languages – French

Languages - French

Primary National Curriculum - Languages KS2

French Curriculum Map Y3-6

Curriculum Milestones - FRENCH


At Levens CE School it is our aim to enable our pupils to develop a genuine interest and curiosity about the wider world through the study of a foreign language; as well as acquiring knowledge about the culture and traditions of France and French speaking countries.  We aim to secure foundations in the subject on which to build further language learning as they move on to secondary education and an appreciation of its value for their future including career aspirations, leisure opportunities and as global citizens.


French lessons are delivered through a broad range of ways including interactive games, songs, rhymes and activities that stimulate and encourage children of all abilities to develop knowledge and understanding of key vocabulary and basic grammar.  In each unit of work, pupils have opportunities to participate and rehearse speaking and listening in a range of real-life scenarios and conversations.  At Levens, national curriculum content is taught in Key Stage Two through 12 progressive units of work using easyMFL resources.

Our curriculum enables pupils to develop greater awareness and understanding of the way that people live, in the countries where the language is spoken; including traditions, cultures, geographical locations and features.

In upper Key Stage Two, the curriculum becomes purposefully more rigorous in developing the children’s ability to read and write fluently in various contexts and for different purposes.  They also develop greater understanding of sentence structure, noun genders and simple verbs.


Our pupils have a positive introduction to learning another language and develop the skills to present their knowledge and understanding orally, as well as in writing. They leave primary school with an appreciation of the benefits of learning another language; the foundations to progress; and the confidence and enthusiasm to extend their learning.