Monthly archives: June 2017

Potato Harvest

We have successfully harvested our potatoes…and we found lots of them!!

South Lakes Pupil Parliament

On Thursday we went to Pupil Parliament. We started off with a wonderful speech by David Bone then we did some fun ice breaker activities with the other children. First we sculpted each other into  Olympic athletes then we had to be a piece of garden furniture with our whole group. Our next activity was making a day at the zoo with our body it was fun. After that we had an interesting talk all about parliament, elections and voting.We now all understand how this democratic process works in our country. Our next task was to be separated from everybody we knew and make a political party with a manifesto and a logo. Then we got a ten minute break and had a huge cookie and a drink. Then we got in our groups and got our speeches and slogans ready for the election. After a wonderful lunch of pizza and chips with sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream; we had the election And school squad Utd won but Mrs Farraday was also elected as an MP! Then we looked at some real manifesto publications; and after looking at them all we were persuaded that we supported some parties more than others . Then the teachers thanked Rachel Dodgson and David Bone who do an amazing job at organizing and creating SLPP.
By Levens  Pupil Parliament

Scafell’s Talks and Presentations

This week, children in Scafell have made a great start to their two minute talks on a subject of their choice.  So far, we have had presentations on: cats, karate, warships, tanks, giraffes, Warhammer and camper vans!  The children have used artefacts and IT presentations to support their speeches.  We are looking forward to more next week!

Deaf Awareness and Sport

We were delighted to welcome back Keith Robinson from Newcastle Falcons today and he bought the drier, sunny weather with him too! Keith joined us for the first in a 5 week project, funded by Comic Relief, to raise issues of deaf awareness in sport. We spent the first session learning 10 new words in sign language and then enjoyed a session outside practising our tag rugby skills. When you meet any of Skiddaw class you might like to ask them to teach you to sign one of the new words they’ve learnt!