Monthly archives: September 2017

Scafell Outdoor Learning

Scafell have enjoyed a fantastic first lesson of the year in our woodland area this week with our Forest School Leaders from Barnardo’s.  We began this session by introducing our forest schools’ code: look after myself; look after each other; look after the woodland.  Next, we identified the boundary of our outdoor environment before embarking on some team games and challenges.

Our next task involved searching the forest for anything that might create marks on our small pieces of cloth.  We were surprised by the range of colours we discovered; including bright emeralds and deep crimsons! These were used to create colour studies, prints using hammers and compositions using only natural materials found across the woodland floor.

Can’t wait for next week’s session… Den building!


Our reception children have settled in nicely to Bowfell Class. This week we have started to learn our letter sounds, starting with ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’. The children have been trying hard to form each letter correctly. The photo show them having a go on each others back!

Our Wonderful World Display

The Westmorland County Show field was buzzing with activity this afternoon as everyone was busy preparing for tomorrow’s show. This year the theme of Our Wonderful World celebrates work from each class. There are striking paintings in a variety of media all on a nature and the natural world theme. Examples using pencil crayon, paint, collage, ink pen and pastels are all represented. We have displayed some super Pebble Pets and mini pebble pet homes. There are photos of us at work in the outdoors too. Do come and take a closer look at our display in the magnificent Learning for Life tent on the far side of the show field tomorrow.

Good Work Assembly

What a wonderful end to a great first week.  On Friday afternoon we joined together for our first Good Work Assembly of the year.  This included a story telling performance from Skiddaw about a talking papaya and poetry readings from some children in Scafell.  We also celebrated the wonderful art work displayed by Levens School at Cartmel Show during the summer holidays and we congratulated all the children who had been recognised for something amazing in our Golden Book.   Well done everyone!

Powerful Poetry

Scafell have worked exceptionally hard this week, creating their own poetry. We began the week identifying poetry features and creating short poems called Haikus (Japanese short poems).

We then went on to learning about ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright; a creative poem which uses lots of figurative language, alliteration, similes and metaphors. The class then had a go at creating their own, and what fantastic results!

The children gained a sense of accomplishment in our Good Work assembly this afternoon, celebrating their brilliant poetry talents. Their work has also created a lovely display in the classroom, for all to see! Well done Scafell.

Pebble Art

This week Scafell Class have enjoyed creating beautiful pieces on pebbles celebrating our wonderful world; including: fish, leaves, strawberries, mice, a ladybird, a summer meadow and trees!  These have been designed and carefully painted to form part of our display at this year’s Westmorland County Show taking place on Thursday next week.  Look out for our stand in the ‘Learning for Life’ Tent!

Our number system

We have got cracking with learning about our number system today reminding ourselves how our numbers are organised and the value (a hundred, a ten or a unit) of each digit in a number. See us here hard at work, some using Dienes counting materials and others problem solving and making use of patterns to be sure to find all the possibilities.