Monthly archives: November 2017

Meet our 2017 Eco Team!

At lunchtime today, Eco Team had their very first official meeting with Miss Dawson. It was very productive and the team have thought up lots of fantastic ideas to encourage the school and the community to care for the environment. Just a few ideas discussed include: creating an Eco Code, organising a litter pick, creating posters to display around school (saving electricity, looking after plants, not littering), an Eco Book and even adopting an endangered animal such as a Red Squirrel.

We will be meeting again next week to make a start on these ideas! We will keep you posted with our exciting news.

Knots Galore!

We began today with a few games of hide and seek – Finlay, Jason and Alfie were particularly good at hiding! The theme for this week was knots! We were challenged to see how many sticks we could bundle up to carry, securing them with any of the knots we have learnt in class or by making up our own. Q. How many sticks can you carry? A. Lots – over 100 in come cases. Lots of counting, estimating and problem solving here!

Others explored knotting and tying to attach leaves and twigs to trees to form hanging sculptures.

We finished off the afternoon with some warming hot chocolate – mmmmm!

Many thanks to the adults who came with us – we’ve all been grateful to the weather and enjoyed our time in the outdoors.

Estimating and Measuring Capacity

This week, year 2 have been developing their understanding of measuring and estimating. They have learnt how to compare, describe and order a range of containers and used vocabulary such as greater than, less than, half, empty, full, estimation, measurement and capacity.  We have learnt that the unit of measure for liquids is millilitres and litres. Today we tried to predict whether a container will store more or less than 500ml and then checked our estimates using funnels and measuring cylinders.   The food-dye in the water helped us to measure more accurately.

Lots of excitement when our estimates were right – well done everyone!

Disco Fever!

What a fun filled Friday evening we all had dancing and playing games, with grateful thanks to the wonderful Paul Jones. School Council organised a super time for us all and took on the responsibility of running music bumps and musical statues as well as organising the refreshments too.  Thank you to everyone who supported us!

Fun in the Woods

Today Skiddaw class enjoyed their afternoon in the woods exploring their senses and making magic potions. Some might make you tall, invisible or turn you into an animal. Others might change you into a leaf to blow about on a branch and fall in the gentle breeze. Lastly, we were camouflaged by covering ourselves with leaves and used our sense of hearing and sight to experience the woods – we heard cows and rumbling and saw butterflies flitting about. We are looking forward to our second session next week!