Monthly archives: October 2018

Look what’s arrived in Bowfell…….

We can hardly contain our excitement…. This week lots of huge boxes were delivered to school containing lots of trikes, bikes and scooters to support our youngest pupils outdoor learning and physical development.  They have been purchased using our centrally funded Sports Premium allocation. Huge thanks to Mr. Hunt for assembling them for us!  Look out for us zooming around the playground over the next few weeks!

Learning about Sukkot

Skiddaw class have been learning all about the Christian festival of Harvest but did you know that Jewish people also celebrate a festival at this time of year? Their festival is called Sukkot. Jewish people all over the world celebrate by making a hut or booth called a Succah in which they eat, sleep and party with family and friends. We have worked together to make one in our classroom. You’d be very welcome to come and have a look. Come and ask us about how we made it and what is special about it.

Superheroes Galore!

We have been designing Superheroes for a special Library Service competition. The originality and creativity of the ideas has been most impressive – well done to all!

Here are a few of the designs that have been handed in so far. You have until Friday to give us your contributions – they can be drawn in any media or be a photograph of a model.


Year 1 Morning Task

Year 1 were quickly settling to some number tasks this morning as they arrived in school.  Take a look at some of the tricky activities set by Mrs Haslam.  Also pictured, is our Maths Challenge Area full of interactive resources to develop and extend our maths learning in continuous provision:

Year 5 Primary Athletics at Dallam

Well done to all our year 5 pupils who represented Levens at the Level 1 Primary Athletics Competition in Dallam Sport’s hall competing against many other local schools.  Our 11 athletes travelled around a total of 10 events, including: shuttle runs, javelin, long-jump and hurdles.  Certificates are on the way to our team at our next Celebration Assembly.

Remembrance 100

Today we were visited by a serving soldier, Paul, and Jude from Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life in Carlisle, They are touring many Cumbrian schools raising awareness of Remembrance and why this year is a special 100 year anniversary.

Our junior pupils met our visitors and learned…

It was interesting to see an actual memorial plaque that was given to the next of kin of all service personnel who were killed as a result of the First World War.

I saw a photo of a real poppy that a solider saved in his hymn book.

I learned that medals can be different colours and given for different things.

Family members can wear medals, given to someone who has died, on Remembrance Day on the right side of their jackets.

I learnt that soldiers now, often go to countries to try to keep the peace rather than go to fight,

We were encouraged to go home, talk to our family members and find out about anyone close to us that was involved in any of the World Wars.