Daily archives: 22nd September 2017

Good Work Assembly

It was lovely for parents to join us today to celebrate all of the children’s achievements throughout the week. Bowfell showed us their fantastic counting skills and ‘noun’ knowledge, Skiddaw impressively taught us 10 school-related words in sign language and Scafell presented their wonderful ‘Picasso-inspired’ artwork. What a lovely end to a great week! Thank you to all of the parents that joined us this afternoon.


Messy but worth it! Learning about State of Matter in Science.

Most people buy cornstarch to make custard or gravy, but Scafell have been using it to solve a longstanding physics problem with a substance known to generations of Dr. Seuss readers as “Oobleck”; and to scientists as a non-Newtonian liquid! Today Scafell were investigating states of matter, working out a very baffling question…what state of matter is Oobleck? By moving it around, it stays solid, yet keep it still for 2 seconds and it becomes a gloopy liquid. Did we discover the important answer to the ongoing science mystery? Maybe not! But we did have lots of fun and learn a lot about state of matter. The children were also very helpful when it came to clearing up. Sorry about the mess Mrs Farraday!

Picasso…Scafell’s way!

Scafell have been practising their artistic skills this week, learning about Pablo Picasso and his unique art. Firstly, we enjoyed looking at Picasso’s famous portraits; discussing words such as abstract, cubism and angular. The children then learnt various drawing skills using graphite pencils and oil pastels, resulting in fantastic, weird but wonderful portraits! Some of the children worked in pairs, drew each other or worked independently using a mirror. They were happy to have the chance to show off their amazing artwork in our Parent Good Work assembly today! Well done Scafell.