Daily archives: 26th September 2017


All of Bowfell class have been thinking all things number since the start of the school year.

In Reception we have been sequencing and counting numbers to 20. The children have been working hard, especially with the tricky teen numbers.

In Year 1 we have been making, recognising and sequencing 2-digits numbers. The children have been getting to know the 100 square and using it to support their maths work.

In Year 2, we have taken it one step further and have begun to identify the tens and ones in a number using cubes and then dienes equipment.


Scafell Forest Schools

Today was all about tools!  Everyone in Scafell listened carefully to the instructions; worked well in pairs; demonstrated self-regulation and responsibility; and learnt how to use a range of tools including: bow saws, palm drills, sanding blocks and secateurs; safely and efficiently.  We also discovered how to whittle wood using a potato peeler!

I’m a dingle dangle scarecrow…

Reception and Year 1 have been thinking about Harvest and autumn this week. We have been reading Julia Donaldson’s ‘Scarecrow Wedding’ and singing the much loved song in preparation for the Harvest service.

Today we made our own scarecrows using wooden spoons. A big thank you to parents for their contributions of spoons and extra resources to help create our Scarecrow Spoons.

We’re going to carry on this week, writing instructions, sequencing the story and beginning to look out for more signs of autumn.