Monthly archives: March 2018

English Outdoors

Yesterday, Scafell class took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather and brought their English outdoors! The children learnt all about casual connectives through an outdoor game, where children had to pass a connective to a friend. Their friend then had to use the connective in a sentence which made sense (in 10 seconds!) If they failed to do this, they were out of the game! It helped the children put their connectives work into practice and to now support their explanation writing for the rest of the week. Well done Scafell!

Mothering Sunday Card Creations

Last week, Mrs Duckworth and Skiddaw class worked hard to create beautiful cards for Mothering Sunday. Mrs Duckworth showed the children how to create flowers out of cut out hearts and the children’s cards looked brilliant. So brilliant, even Miss Dawson joined in to make one! We hope every single Mum who received a card on Sunday loved it – just as much as the children loved making them! Happy Mothering Sunday!

Bright Sparks

What a fantastic day Scafell class have had, learning nearly everything there is to know about Electricity. The children really enjoyed the day, and especially liked making noise with their buzzers!

We learnt about: where electricity comes from; the risks of electricity and how to be safe; the symbols used to draw circuits; made predictions and created practical circuits; learnt about series and parallel circuits; tested different materials to see whether they were insulators or conductors and even got to test if O.D was a conductor!

Miss Dawson and the children want to say a huge thanks to Sim from CStem who made today a fantastic experience and a special thank you to our Friends Of Levens School (FOLS) who funded the days events. THANK YOU!  The children really are bright sparks after today!

Cross Country Champions!

What a fantastic afternoon our runners had this Wednesday.
Tackling one of the hardest course that I have seen in a long time, every single person performed to a most exceptional standard against 25 other schools, and all pacing their runs to perfection. Runners remembered everything they had learned whilst preparing and ALL finished in the top half of runners in their particular event, Mrs Mason and I couldn’t have been prouder!
Of particular note must be our Under 10 Boys Team, who go back to Elleray next year as the defending team champions having come top in a field of 150 runners and having competed against much larger schools.
Running Club has been such fun this year and so incredibly well attended, thank you to all.
Please keep running over the summer and we start again in the autumn.

Finding Missing Angles

This week in Maths, Scafell class have been learning all about angles. Today they enjoyed a practical lesson finding missing angles and didn’t mind that Miss Dawson had drawn and taped all over their desks!

The children worked really hard and used many mathematical skills to find the answers to some challenging questions! Mrs Farraday also joined us and was particularly impressed with the children’s knowledge and engagement. Well done Scafell!

An Arty Afternoon

Yesterday, there were lots of sporting events happening so most of the school were out winning! However, some children were left in school, and enjoyed a lovely afternoon doing art in Scafell with Miss Dawson.

Skiddaw are currently working really hard learning about Fractions and really needed a colourful and bright display for their classroom. Therefore, we worked as a team to produce this amazing piece! Miss Dawson really enjoyed spending time with Skiddaw and it looks like the children had fun too!

Lego Club

Since the beginning of Spring Term, the children have enjoyed a number of clubs during lunchtime in school. Miss Dawson enjoys running Lego club on a Friday lunchtime for many of the children and especially enjoys seeing their amazing creations! The Lego club leaders (FH, OR, TW and MS) run a competition each week and the children use team-working skills to make fantastic designs. Take a look…

Tackling Numbers with Keith

Skiddaw have been welcoming Keith Robinson, coach to Newcastle Falcons, in again to train with us and this time teach us Maths too. Tackling Numbers scheme lasts for 5 weeks and links important number and shape work to a rugby context. This week was all about polygons, 2 D shapes with only straight sides, and especially different triangles and quadrilaterals. Finlay suggested a variation to our skills game that we are playing here in the first photo – Keith is going to try it out on his adult team players too!

Lacrosse Fun

Members of Scafell class represented the school at a Dallam Lacrosse Tournament on Wednesday afternoon. The sun shone wonderfully and the team worked together well to score goals by throwing and catching the ball in their sticks with nets! It was great to see friends in other schools and we won 2 matches too.