Daily archives: 14th March 2018

The Tree of Life

Reception and Year 1 have ben exploring swirls and patterns, in the style of Gustav Klimt. One of Klimpt’s famous paintings is The Tree of Life.

The children created their own pieces of art in his style.

Pupil Parliament – Homelessness

Our Pupil Parliamentarians are all ready for their presentation tomorrow on the topic of Homelessness in the Uk.  Scafell Class have researched information about this social crisis and have discovered some shocking facts.  Did you know that in the North West of England, homelessness has increased more than in any other region in the whole of England; and that 1 in every 59 people in London are believed to be sleeping on the streets or in temporary sheltered accomodation.

Our four representatives have written a thought-provoking speech;created a display from everyone’s research; and written poems inspired by a Manchester based homeless man called Jamie who writes and sells his poems so that he has enough to eat.

Their message: Next time you walk by a homeless person; don’t be scared, don’t judge; have some compassion; every homeless person has a story.  Remember they are human just like you and me: becoming homeless is easier than you think – it can happen to anyone!

English Outdoors

Yesterday, Scafell class took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather and brought their English outdoors! The children learnt all about casual connectives through an outdoor game, where children had to pass a connective to a friend. Their friend then had to use the connective in a sentence which made sense (in 10 seconds!) If they failed to do this, they were out of the game! It helped the children put their connectives work into practice and to now support their explanation writing for the rest of the week. Well done Scafell!

Mothering Sunday Card Creations

Last week, Mrs Duckworth and Skiddaw class worked hard to create beautiful cards for Mothering Sunday. Mrs Duckworth showed the children how to create flowers out of cut out hearts and the children’s cards looked brilliant. So brilliant, even Miss Dawson joined in to make one! We hope every single Mum who received a card on Sunday loved it – just as much as the children loved making them! Happy Mothering Sunday!