Pupil Parliament – Homelessness

Our Pupil Parliamentarians are all ready for their presentation tomorrow on the topic of Homelessness in the Uk.  Scafell Class have researched information about this social crisis and have discovered some shocking facts.  Did you know that in the North West of England, homelessness has increased more than in any other region in the whole of England; and that 1 in every 59 people in London are believed to be sleeping on the streets or in temporary sheltered accomodation.

Our four representatives have written a thought-provoking speech;created a display from everyone’s research; and written poems inspired by a Manchester based homeless man called Jamie who writes and sells his poems so that he has enough to eat.

Their message: Next time you walk by a homeless person; don’t be scared, don’t judge; have some compassion; every homeless person has a story.  Remember they are human just like you and me: becoming homeless is easier than you think – it can happen to anyone!