Daily archives: 17th June 2019

Bowfell’s STEM day

Reception and Year One enjoyed their STEM day last Thursday when Fran from C-STEM came to visit with his huge tubs of Lego! The children had the opportunity to have a rummage through the boxes and discovered some specialist pieces of Lego which aren’t normally found in the widely available sets. Fran challenged the children to build the tallest tower that they could with the Lego, they had to remember to try and make sure their towers were strong as well as tall! After looking at everyone’s creation they then had to build a bridge connecting the towers to each other. The final challenge of the morning was creating space houses and rockets. The children were thoroughly engrossed in their activities which promoted team work, problem- solving and critical thinking skills. Many thanks go to FOLS for kindly funding this experience for the children.


Tennis Club in the Rain

The rain didn’t deter our young enthusiasts at our first of five sessions last week.  Our wonderful expert coach put us through our paces at the start warming us up thoroughly on a cold June day!  We developed our hand-eye coordination; learnt how to strike the ball using forehand and backhand strokes; and then had a fabulous game of ‘Cricket-Tennis’.  Well done everyone and look forward to more fun next week!