Daily archives: 21st June 2019

Rugby Festival at Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club

This week, Scafell were lucky enough to be invited to the annual rugby festival at Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club! Despite being a bit dubious about all of the rain in the morning, it brightened up into a scorcher of a day and a fantastic experience!

We started with a  mass warm up – nearly 450 of us at the same time! (Mr Dean’s note – having 450 children stampeding across a field towards you is very unsettling). This got us into the right mood for the day and we get straight down to it with some skills based games!

Rugby can be a tricky sport – the ball is a weird shape and you’re only allowed to pass backwards, so the skills games really helped us to refine our technique and get some important practice in for the afternoon of games ahead. We also learned about rules specific to tag rugby – tackles are made with two-hand contact and the most important part of the game is good sportsmanship (something which I’m proud to say Levens had in spades!).

Having practiced a variety of skills it was onto the pitches to take part in a gruelling series of quick 5-minute games. We got to play a range of schools across the local area and managed to win more often than not! More importantly, everyone made sure to play fairly and work together to make the day a great success.

Many thanks to Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC (http://www.klrufc.co.uk/) for hosting and organising the day. We’ve definitely got some future rugby players in our midst!

Don’t forget to check out the photo album of the day for some awesome action shots!

NSPCC Speak Out! Stay Safe!

This week, the NSPCC visited school to talk to children from Reception up to year six about the right to feel and be safe.  We learnt about all the things that can make us worried; about identifying our trusted adults; about different forms of abuse; and most importantly about where to get help.

Take a look at the Childline website for some useful support and valuable further information: www.childline.org.uk/kids.