Daily archives: 28th November 2019


What an amazing performance we saw today at the Dukes, Lancaster! It was lovely to go as a whole school, we enjoyed delicious ice creams in the interval and were spell bound by the action on stage. Highly recommended production for all the family.

Here are a few comments from the children…

I liked the puppet birds that flew around our heads. I liked the way each of the actors played lots of different characters in the story. They swapped and got changed really quickly behind the scenes. The dad transformed into the evil step mother right on stage! I liked the way they had a real tree in the corner and Ella climbed up it. It was really funny when the Prince sat down next to Miss Butler and spoke to her! Someone disappeared under the stage and then popped back up dressed in something else! The step brother’s costumes were really funny. I liked the baby that transformed into a puppet toddler which transformed into a child puppet that changed into a real live Ella! I liked the prince’s clothes. They had clever ways to do the sound effects of ripping cloth, smashing plates and chopping off toes!! Cinderella wore a leather jacket and had sparkly boots.

Thank you to FOLS and parents for their financial support of this visit. It really was a memorable day in the life of Levens School!