Monthly archives: November 2019

Wonderful Wasps

This week, a new member of our village community bought us a wonderful wasp nest that they had found in their new house. We were fascinated to look at it and carefully touch its fragile outside. We could see the layers of wood that the wasps used to create the exterior. We loved the fact that we could see inside too. It resembled a honeycomb with columns holding the sections apart. Thank you very much – your donation has inspired lots of interesting discussion and observations.

Scafell Class visit St. John’s Church

As part of our learning about God this term, Scafell Class visited St. John’s Church.  The pupils have been learning about the word’s that Christians use to describe God: omniscient, omnipotent, holy, eternal, spirit, loving and omnipresent.  On our visit, we were particularly looking at what the artefacts, symbols and furniture in Church tell us about God.

Our work this term continues with looking at other Christian churches and making comparisons.

Scafell Pupils Visit Liverpool World Museum


Pupils from years 5 & 6 enjoyed an amazing day at The Liverpool World Museum on Friday as part of their learning on The Ancient Egyptians.  During the morning, the pupils explored five floors of galleries that included displays about dinosaurs, bugs, space, time, the natural world; and also exhibits related to Ancient Egypt.

After an enjoyable picnic lunch, the children became archaeologists for the afternoon.  Wearing gloves to protect the genuine artefacts, we became detectives in deciphering hieroglyphs and identifying mystery objects and their uses.  The workshop provided an incredible opportunity to get up close to some items dating back 3000 years including: kohl pots, canopic jars, a mummified cat, amulets, figurines and funerary cones.

Take a look at our photos from the day. Caution some are not for the squeamish…. look out for the mummified hand complete with intact fingernails!!

We Will Remember Them

This morning, we spent a few moments reflecting and remembering the contribution so many made so that we can enjoy life in a democratic society.

Our service was led by Reverend Bryan in the grounds of St. John’s on the 11th day of the 11th month. At 11am we stood in silence to remember and respect those who gave so much.  Each class made a wreath that was laid at the foot of the war memorial and some of our oldest pupils read the names of soldiers from Levens who had fought in World War I and II.

We were joined by members of the community and parents.