Daily archives: 13th February 2020

Dog Food in our RE lesson!

This afternoon, Mrs Wadey only got to eat half of her dinner so she was very hungry. She only had a can of dog food to eat. We really thought it was dog food because it looked just like dog food and she ate it! She told us to never judge a book by its cover. When she was eating we said that we felt worried, sick and scared. We thought it was gross and we were confused. Then we thought and talked about what this saying meant. FB

“If you look at a book and see a bad cover it may be a really good story inside.” CH

“If you don’t like something from the cover, it might be really good.” PH

“If you see someone, don’t judge people by what they look like on the outside. Get to know them and it might change your opinion about them.” IW

We think we know something from looking at first but, in life, it is often more interesting and complicated when you look more closely and learn more about it. It can also mean that something that looks great to start with, can turn out to be strange when you look in more detail

Was it really dog food in the can??