Daily archives: 23rd April 2020

Scafell’s ideas about the benefits of lockdown

Despite living in uncertain and very strange circumstances, Scafell have risen to the challenge of identifying the positives of lockdown as part of their homelearning.

The have created an interesting list of ideas which they have emailed to us over the last couple of weeks, including:

  • Life is more relaxed;
  • There is less pollution;
  • We are not rushing around to different places;
  • I don’t have to get up as early;
  • I am cooking more;
  • we have more family meals together;
  • I can spend more time online and playing games on my phone;
  • I don’t have to wear school uniform;
  • I can eat lunch outside in the sunshine;
  • it is giving the environment a rest;
  • I am spending more time with the family;
  • I watch more movies;
  • we can do less school work;
  • I go on more bike rides;
  • It’s bringing our family closer together;
  • I can spend more time with my pets.

Scafell, you have shown us that we can always find positives; even when times are tough!

Thank you to everyone in year 5+6 who shared their ideas with us.