At Levens School we pride ourselves on a curriculum that develops a life-long love of learning; is engaging and fun; and widens children’s knowledge and understanding of our world whilst developing transferrable skills to equip them with the tools they require now and for their future lives.
We enrich the learning experiences in school throughout the year with a range of visits and trips in our local area and further afield on residentials. We also welcome visitors into school in a range of different contexts.
As the structure of our classes change year on year due to fluctuating numbers in each cohort, we are developing a whole school curriculum on a four year cycle. Where possible, we make links across the curriculum through our topics in science, history, geography and RE. We also value our personal, social and health education based on the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) resources.

Details of the curriculum in the different subject areas are below …

Reading, Writing and Maths progression through primary school:

Reading and Phonics at Levens CE School

Reading Curriculum Progression

Writing Curriculum Progression

Maths Curriculum Progression