Daily archives: 18th November 2019

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, pupils at Levens School were all talking about bullying!  What does the word bullying mean?  What should we do if we think we are being bullied and who can help us?  What should we do if we see that someone is being bullied?

We have agreed that being bullied means that someone is unkind to you Several Times On Purpose – STOP!  Being unkind might mean online comments that are hurtful, leaving people out at playtimes, being physical, calling people names.  To raise awareness and keep us thinking about this important issue we took part in National Odd Socks Day; we also made a pledge to choose kindness; and we created our own sock designs with anti-bullying slogans and top-tips to STOP bullying!

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who supported our activities for Children in Need last week.  Our PJ day and cake sale, organised by our seven enthusiastic and dedicated school councillors, raised a staggering £185!  Well done everyone!

Owl Babies nest building

Reception and Year One enjoyed spending part of their morning last week thinking about what owl babies might like to make a nest from. They went on a collecting hunt around the playing fields as part of their Literacy and English work this half term. Reception then made collages using some of the things they found and talked about why they thought they would be good materials to build a nest from. Year One practised their sentence writing skills, giving reasons for their choices.