Daily archives: 26th April 2020

The Visitor

Scafell pupils have created some imaginative pieces of descriptive writing based on an image of a modern-day iron man.

Here are extracts from three of our talented year six writers:

Clank, clank, clank, the terrible sound of metal scraping on the ground made everyone freeze like statues.  They all looked up into the stormy sky and saw an enormous figure looming over them like a dark cloud.  Most people scattered like ants, running, screaming and shouting asking for help, “Get the army! Get the army!”


Fifty metres or more tall, the mysterious metal creature stands straight with its extended man-made arms swaying slowly by its hips.  On each of its shoulders nests a car door.  They make it look like it has a pair of metallic black wings.  Its chest is protected by a covering of steel.  Almost like armour.  Its eyes stare down at the humans, showering them in a brilliant yellow beacon of light. Blinded, the humans instinctively cower backwards, still taking pictures of the robot man edging closer to the metal fence.


Far, far away on Mercury in the city of Cury a gigantic metal creature, taller than the Eiffel Tower, had landed in front of the enormous crowd.

Her eyes, as blue as the sky, looking down on the world as bright as shining lanterns.  The metal from her armour sparkled like shining stars.

The crowd waiting with bated breath and the creature spoke.  Her voice roared like a lion…..